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USS Midway CVB 41 straight deck, before the retrofit.

I had a request from some dear friends to build this for their father who served aboard her
during the late fifty’s. Not just one but three. One for their father, and the other two for the family. This is the first one. Two more to go. I have a shipbuilding production line going on in the man cave.
It’s been a while since I built ships so I hope it’s OK. The signal flags read TO C.V.F These are his initials. The scale is 1:547.
Oh and photographed with my new camera. I’ll get better.
Have fun,
California Steve

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34 responses to USS Midway CVB 41 straight deck, before the retrofit.

  1. Is this first one the “completed version”, Steve…? I’m not much of a ‘ship guy’, either, so I gotta ask – what scale is it? 1/700th…? 1/350th…?

  2. Hi Craig, I will go back and add this detail. It is 1:547. And yes this is number one.

  3. Hey, where’s all the photo etch railings?? I built the FDR version when “Navy Log” and “Silent Service” was on TV, back in the dark ages…I’ve been looking for this kit for a few years now, I got the hankerin’ to visit memory lane again. You did a nice job on it, your friends will be proud.
    1/547 is the scale for this kit (box scale).

  4. You sure like to take on large projects…….I suspect you’ll be mighty tired of carriers when you are done. Number one is looking good.

  5. Thanks Mike. Some PE would be great. My friends found these on E bay.
    Purchased from a guy in California. I think he has one left.
    The box says 1:547. I usually write it 1/547 also. Neat little kit.

  6. Nice theme, Steve. Probably not feasible to expect national markings for the aircraft in this scale, but well modelled nonetheless.

  7. Steve, Thank you so much. This is awesome. Dad is going to Love it. Word can’t describe how much I appreciate this.

    • Hey Cindi, You found my blog here. Thank you so much for the nice words. Now I did leave the planes and helos loose so he can set them up as he likes. Now being that this is a open forum I’m going to brag a bit about you.
      You see guys and gals Cindi’s husband Kenny is a drag racer. So Cindi went to Frank Hawleys drag racing school so she could race their Totally Awesome Chevy Nova. After a few runs she was posting faster times than Kenny! This really made Ken more proud of her that ever. You go race girl!
      This project for you folks is really a fun one for me.
      Thanks again.

  8. great thing your doing…takes me back to renwall 1961 Shan-gri-la…nice work

  9. Got your self a ship yard going then Steve.
    Looking good mate,

  10. Thanks Simon. I renaming my work desk Newport News Shipyard.
    I wonder how many liberty ships I could knock out in a month?
    Thanks again.

  11. Hey Martin. I want to thank you for this webpage.
    And allowing us to have our own page of our builds that we can share with our friends who do not glue things together. I was able to share my page with a friend that I am in the progress of doing some aircraft carriers for their family. Woo Hoo we are having some fun.
    California Steve

  12. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work, good history and a nice conversation piece.

  13. Cal Steve this is a great project!!! I like what you did with this one. Keep up the good work!!! Well done. Can’t wait to see number 2.

  14. You’ve got your work cut out with this project, Steve, but it looks as though you’re enjoying it which is the important thing. Maybe you’ll get a go in the drag racer when you’ve finished?

  15. Thank you George. It is fun when someone sends you models to build.
    The race car is in West Virginia, and I would doubt of my friends would let me drive the beast. It’s just not a car you jump into to have a go.
    California Steve

  16. Steve, West Virginia is mostly uphill, ‘cept when it’s downhill. Or curves.You won’t be doing much speeding on them roads, unless you’re in the hollers.

  17. Yeah, Steve! Good work on the flattops, and for a good cause.
    I was waiting for the West Virginia folks to chime in, as to where in Wild, Wonderful, you could do your Thunder Road thing.

    • Bernard we do most of our racing in the surrounding states. Va and Md mostly. I got my license at Maple grove at Frank Hawley’s drag racing school.

  18. Thats a cool looking build, Steve. Is this a Revell kit ?
    Typical box scale from the old days. Got still the Saratoga in the stash

  19. Hello Bernd, yes it is the Revell oldie but goody. Still fun to put together.
    Thanks for the nice comment.
    California Steve

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