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100th scale HMS Victory.

After a long break of several years I have restarted my build of Heller’s monster!
I put about five years of work researching and scratch building parts including the ships boats. I’ve put some time in over the past week making scratch building forty oars! Seem to remember why I ran out of steam last time!

If anyone wants to see more pictures of the build there is a complete write up here

Unfortunately you will have to join to view.



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14 responses to 100th scale HMS Victory.

  1. An artist in wood….anybody that builds these type of ships has my admiration.

  2. Thanks Craig, but its all plastic and bits of metal. I’ll take the compliment though 😉

  3. Wow – plastic! Unbelievable results. You are a true master!

  4. Thanks Greg. Not sure I’m a master, more of a determined bodger.

  5. Very nice work, no matter the medium. Oddly enough I was just looking over my next wooden ship build, HM Bomb Vessel Granado 1756 (1/64), maybe to make a start in November.

  6. Way to go Robert!
    Keep it up!

  7. Thanks again for the comments everyone.

  8. Amazing project, Robert.

  9. I have modified the kit anchors using the Anatomy of the Ship book for reference. I made new stocks from acrylic sheet and corrected the shank and palms. The puddening was done with scale .25mm rope. I painted the stocks to represent bare wood rather than the more traditional (accurate!) black.

  10. Hello Rob
    I found you whilst researching the 1:16 Mantua kit of the Victory’s lifeboat. The same boat that illustrates this article. The boat is obviously more than a life boat given the through-hull lifting arrangements and windlass. There is also a fixed lifting arm at the stern. You have researched the boats and I was wondering if you could give me a bit about the use of this boat. Was she designed to deploy kedge anchors? I purchased the model part built, with no instructions,
    Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks Ian

    • Hi Ian. I started to built my launch a lot of years ago and go back to my Victory build only occasionally. This isn’t good for continuity as I have to relearn a lot. Until recently there was the HMS Victory Modellers Resourse Forum but some low life hacked it and it has ceased to exist, that would have been ideal. The launch was used to deploy the kedge but exactly how the boat was configured to do this I’m unsure. My I suggest you ask on the Model Ship Forum I know that there are some very knowledgeable ex members of the Victory forum on there.

  11. Hello Rob
    I will do that, thanks for the pointer. It’s a lovely model with room for improvement, your help is much appreciated

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