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1/48 F-101B Voodoo

This is one of two Monogram Voodoos that I purchased back in 1985, when they were brand new. I built the first immediately, and it ended up on the backyard target range for my son’s pellet gun circa 2001. When Caracal Models released some new Air National Guard decals for this kit, I figured it was time to build the oldest kit in the stash! I built it OOB except for the Caracal Maine ANG decals and Canuck Models canopy seal decals. The canopy seals were a real nice addition and worked flawlessly. If you’re tempted to build one of these, beware the wing gaps. Unmodified, the kit will present rather large gaps at both wing/fuselage joints. Internally, the intake assembly is a single unit that installs before you join the wing tops to the bottom. Separate these before installation and remove some material from the area that was cut. This will allow the assembled wings to flex a bit after they’re joined to the fuselage. Set them with heavy tape from tip to tip and your filling should be minimal. The model was painted with Model Master and Humbrol enamels.

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19 responses to 1/48 F-101B Voodoo

  1. Beautiful job on that Voodoo, John….Monogram still stands the test of time in my book!

  2. I stand by my view of Monogram models. These kits still build into beautiful renditions of some very iconic aircraft. I also built this kit a good 25 years ago. Mine got destroyed at a model show by a young lad with a bouncing tennis ball. I still have one in the stash. You have inspired me to get mine onto the production line. Great model. Well done!!!

  3. Wow. A kit in hand you bought in 1985. Kudos for perserverence.

  4. Nice painting, old models are still involved, bravo !

  5. Nice, “showroom” Voodoo!

  6. Very clean loooking model, John, there’s definitely a classic Monogram fan club on this site!

  7. Great build, a classical jet fighter, build from a classical Monogram kit. You can t go wrong with that !

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    The F-101 always was and always will be a very impressive aircraft. The sheer size ( compared to a human ) and it’s design are very eye catching.
    Your model gives it great justice, very clean and sharp. Love those MONOGRAM classics. Nice work.

  9. I love that Voodoo you do! One of my favorite birds, it looked fast standing still. And it was fast too, and without the area-ruled fuselage either. Just good ol’ brute thrust! That’s a beautiful model John!

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