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1/72 Lindberg Mitsubishi G4M2 "Betty"

September 7, 2015 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3.4K

The box art says 1967 ! This has to be one of the oldest kits I've built in a long time. I picked it up at an estate sale, and thought it would be an opportunity to add a "Betty" to my recently started WWII Japanese "collection".

It's not bad, for it's age. The only thing I added was a "bulk head", so you couldn't look all the way through the fuselage. My main objection was that this was from an era that used decals for windows (fuselage & tail), had no options, or interior detail. I can't complain because it was "simple" I wanted, and "simple" I got.

I learned a little about it while researching various color options, which took longer than the build.. It was an "important" addition to my shelf. Obviously it didn't take much time, and was an enjoyable, as well as satisfying build. I would suggest taking one of these "oldies" out of the stash, take a step back in time, and have some fun without making a "project" out of it.

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  1. Looks very nice Joe.
    The Japanese made some very beautiful looking planes and she is one of them.
    Well done sir.

  2. Nice build Joe , your right about keeping a couple of these oldies in your stash . I have a couple of the old HAWK / Testor kits for when I get bored . It's always nice to take a step back in time .

  3. Good job on an old kit. Old scool modelling is fun and the Betty looks the part.

  4. I need a "Betty" in my collection as well...never have built one. Doubt it'll be this one though. 🙁

  5. Hasagawa are releasing a G4M1 bomber in 1/72 this October.

  6. Looks good Joe, since I don't count rivets or measure to insure exact shape, I will state it obviously looks like a Betty to me. Gotta love some of those old kits.

  7. Thanks, guys... I forgot to mention (drum roll) it comes with a stand ! lol

  8. Simple is always good. Sometimes it's nice to have an easy, no hassle build to set your mind straight. Well, on second thought, if you build models you might not have a mind... 🙂

    You didn't use the stand, Rev. Joe?

  9. Neat job on an old kit, Joe, you obviously enjoyed the build.

  10. I enjoy the old kits, and usually toss a coin between whether to do lots of work to "upgrade" it or just build as-is. Funny, as-is usually wins!

    Nice build. Love the Betty, and lots of the Japanese twin bombers, but don't like having to mask all that glass framing! Probably why they are still mostly in my stash on not on the shelf! Time to put on my "big boy" pants...

    • Greg, take the easy way out on the canopies. Either hand paint with acrylics, or spray some clear decal sheet the same color as the fuselage, and cut strips for the frames after you've "Futured" the unmasked clear. (Just don't "Future" before hand painting. Makes for a tough clean up)

  11. Joe
    nice work on an oldie-but-goodie, I like old kits too!

  12. It's actually from 1959 (with all that means in terms of actual accuracy - you must have gotten a re-pop), and whatever scale it is, 1/72 it ain't.

    That said, it is the only G4M2 Betty kit ever produced, and if you don't have it sitting next to the Hasegawa 1/72 G4M1 (which is 1/72, and pretty accurate), it is possible to convince yourself that it is indeed a Betty, even if all shapes are wrong.

    A "fun project" I am sure, but don't ever worry about accuracy when you're building a Lindberg original (those acquired from other sources and released on their label are a different matter).

  13. What a cool find and a nice build!

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