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Airfix 1/72 Gloster Gladiator stop-motion build

Found on Youtube today is this animated build of Airfix 1/72 Gloster Gladiator by Tom Grigat. Don’t ask me how the video was done – I have no idea, but it sure is beautiful!

9 responses to Airfix 1/72 Gloster Gladiator stop-motion build

  1. A very unique and well done presentation. I’m guessing it was accomplished much like the old clay-mation cartoons were put together….several individual frames combined to achieve stop-motion film. Interesting to say the least….thanks.

  2. Love it Editor, just wish that it was that quick to build in real time.

  3. really enjoyed that

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Love the video, the way it projects itself, and the whole concept.
    I actually smiled as I watched it for the first time.
    I have just today, used this to show my point to a few kids. As many members of this forum know, I am in a new home. I really don’t know anyone and they don’t know me. Today as I unpacked some more models outside and proceeded to clean and inspect them. Some kids were passing by ( I would say the oldest was maybe ten years of age ) and playing around. Their eyes were wide open as they saw all the NASCAR models. But they did not dare come close , they remained in the street with their bicycles ( some with trainer wheels ) on the asphalt. All were mesmerized ( including two girls ). I smiled and told them it was ok to watch ( only watch, I told them to touch with their eyes ). They had their usual questions, all was ok … until one popped out the question I was not expecting or wanted too hear. The kid asked me where did I buy the DIE CAST and was it expensive. The situation reminded me of the movie Jurassic Park. The part where the actor Sam Neil was explaining to some kid how dinosaurs evolved into birds and explained this theory using a sickle claw of a VELOCIRAPTOR ( by the way, wrong dinosaur, in the movie it is clear that the species used was a DEINONYCHUS, the VELOCIRAPTOR had a longer snout and a much nimbler build ). At first I did feel kind of uncomfortable but I remained calmed in order to think straight and to reply accordingly to age ( of course I will later on drop him to my microwave oven … 😀 ). As I explained to the group what a model was, I remembered this video viewed earlier , I got my laptop, went into IMODELER , got this video and played it for them a few times. They know saw what I was explaining to them. How some loose parts can build into something. They all were happy, enthused and very motivated. They told me they will tell their parents too buy them some models. It now seems I might be in trouble, there are no models here, at least not simple ones.
    But again, lovely video … thank you for this post.

  5. I have one in my stash, now I finally know how you great modellers work!
    I’ll try to put mine together in the same way!

  6. A lot of plane in a small package.

  7. That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  8. Great find! And a great build as well.

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