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Collings Foundation B-24 “Witchcraft”

Seeing Tom’s photos reminded me of when (as in every winter season), the Colling’s birds flock to New Smyrna airport for yearly maintenance. These are just the B-24 photos in her present livery. I also have “Nine-O-Nine” pics and can be seen here:
Examples of other Collings birds are here:
Enjoy the pics…perhaps they may be of use for detail work.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Collings Foundation B-24 “Witchcraft”

  1. Excellent photographs Craig, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the great photos Craig. The B 24 and B 29 are my favourite WW II bombers. I still have to build my 1/48 Monogram B 24. These are nice reference photos!!!

  3. These crates flew out of two or three airfields not far from where I live,1942-1943 period. In some pubs local to them there are still photos of the crews and their planes on the walls. Most of the airfields were in remote rural locations and the pubs were about the only thing around apart from a few farms. It’s still a largely rural area.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Craig, thanks for taking the photos of the leading edges, without the deicing boots on ’em. It’s always amazed me how complicated these aircraft were, miles and miles of wiring to keep track of. Equally interesting is the rivets. I’m sure some folks believe WW II planes have recessed panel lines. Guess again!
    Nice nose turret closeups, too.
    Like Morne, I’ve got a Monogram J to build, and the fore and rear turrets are a stumbling block. I’ve got a plan, though. I’m doing “Spotted Ape”, the formation ship, with the polka dots, so the turrets ain’t functional and I might get away with it by artistic blanking off. Otherwise, it’s Kosters set and judicious chopping.

  5. This is what I love about the newer camera’s …you don’t have to do much of anything but, point and shoot. Let the chips and the software engineers do their magic and you come out smelling like roses. Some great photos I like it.

  6. Great photos, Craig. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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