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Desert wreck.

Hi all.
Here’s a recent build of mine, it’s a Chevrolet gun tractor in 1:35 scale.
It was a couple of firsts for me, first time with the rust and faded markings.
The rust I found looking around a model railway show with a train nut, it’s a two part compound and it develops in a few hours. I have to say I think it’s quite effective,

The second new concept for me is the faded roundel on the roof. That couldn’t have been easier as it’s just given a light over spray with a pale grey colour. I made the remains of the roof tarpaulin from a small piece of tissue dipped in a diluted white glue mix and sprayed with a very thinned green/grey colour.

I usually make aircraft but I did this just for a change and while it has faults I’m quite happy with the way it’s turned out.
Paul K.

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8 responses to Desert wreck.

  1. “Faults” or not, I think it turned out quite nicely. And this: “….rust was achieved using a 2-part compound that develops in a few hours…”. Can you expound on the process? Not being a ‘train guy’, I’ve no clue what you mean. 🙁

  2. Great weathering and rust effects. well done.
    Cool vehicle 🙂

  3. One of the better “wreck” models I have seen.

  4. Why did you make the Frame as a type of wall around your model and didn’t put it on top?
    Rust in the desert is for me contradictory – no rain no rust.
    Apart of that – nice work.

    • Hi Hans.
      I was house bound for a short while at the back end of last year. I asked my wife to get me a frame when she was out and that’s what she came home with. As for the dry desert I found some photo’s on line and they show the vehicles to be almost devoid of paint and with a slight rust colour. I assume the paint stripped body would be years of the sand blaster effect of wind in the desert and the rust colour well the sea might be just a short distance away, well that’s my argument anyway!

  5. Fading colours
    I made tests exposing different colours to sunlight.
    my general obeservation was:
    1: red turns to yellow
    2: yellow fades out and
    green turns to blue
    3: blue fades out very slowly
    of course different qualities of colour fade out at different speeds

  6. Great job – looks very realistic to me! Always fun to test out a new technique or material.

  7. Looks really nice Paul, makes me wonder how much of this stuff is laying around this world just waiting to be found. For what its worth I have found/ seen a lot of old vehicles scattered around the high desert areas here on the west coast of the USA, that are rusted as bad or worse than this. So I think your good with it. Well done

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