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Freedom Models 1/48 X-47B

This is a relatively new kit, and i was inspired one a friend of mine built recently.

For a first kit from Freedom Models, this is good effort, of a really interesting subject. Put it next to an F-16 and see that it is also a very large, and as a UAV, quite intimidating aircraft!

As it does,t have a cockpit, this is a relatively simple build, and it did not take me long to do. Fit of parts is good, with the parts breakdown sensible and robust. The only area of potential weakness is the wing fold joints, which do not seem very strong to me, and I expected it to be a casualty whilst travelling to model shows. So far it has proven me wrong, which is a good thing!

The real aircraft seems to take off the shelf parts, as the undercarriage is very similar to that of a Tomcat. The kit assemblies for this were a little over complicated, which made building them a bit fiddly, but they look the part.

It is sprayed in the correct US Navy colours, which looks different under every different light conditions, just like the real thing! I,m trying to improve my photography as a result of feedback on here…

Decals applied well, but there is very little surface detail to challenge them. All in all this is a good model of an interesting aircraft, which currently sits next to my recent Tamiya F-16 in the same scale, eventually it will reside with comparable modes of the F-22 and F-35. I have just started the F-22, with the F-35 waiting in the stash…

Happy modelling everyone!

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9 responses to Freedom Models 1/48 X-47B

  1. Excellentbuild !!! The drone is here to stay and the way of the future. Pilots are going to be seated behind consoles on the ground very far away from combat. Well done!!!;

  2. I like THIS one even better, Ian….maybe do another sometime down the road with the wings extended, huh?

  3. Im like you build .
    but such objects flying drones not just kill the enemy

    Destroy the romance of building kit of detailing and research
    a classic aircrafts cockpit, camouflages, u / c romantic bay
    of painting details and so figures of airman..


  4. That’s a great build as well Ian. There’s something very menacing about these unmanned aircraft..

  5. Strange bird but very well build and presented. Excellent !

  6. Nice build and an interesting subject.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone.

  8. Really nice Ian, nice detail were there normally isn’t any.
    Stick a little soft spongy pad between the wings when you travel should do the trick. It just has to be there, it does not have to be tight. (Always works for me).

  9. Did you do a gloss coat before the dacals? I see a lot of silvering

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