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1/48 f-106b

Finished another one! This is the very new Trumpeter two-seat Dart. It’s a kit I really looked forward to and started it when I received it in early July. It’s a nice kit, that assembles well, with a few flaws. The biggest issue to me is the landing gear. Trumpeter created keyed, L and R landing gear struts. In reality, the struts were identical and interchangeable. Much has been made of the fact that the intakes are wider then those on the old Monogram 106. You don’t really notice it unless you view it from above when parked next to a Monogram Six. My opinion is that while the Trump intakes are a bit broad, Monograms are a little anemic. Reality is probably somewhere in the middle. I finished it with Model Master and Humbrol enamels. Decals are from Caracal Models’ Massachusetts ANG set, depicting a plane near the end of it’s career in the late 1980s. This one was lots of fun, and is really an eye catcher when completed.

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32 responses to 1/48 f-106b

  1. Beautiful plane! I love the paintjob!

  2. I can understand why the Delta Dart was referred to as the sexy 6. You did an amazing job on this kit. I find it very difficult to understand how kit manufacturers can still get the shapes wrong on kits with todays technology at their disposal and when the real thing is still in existence in museums or still in service. Needless to say your Delta Dart is very impressive.

  3. Lovely work John, very sharp paint job.
    Well done mate.

  4. John, thanks. I was wondering about them intakes, but who else makes a 106 B in 48th, without hacking apart two kits, or using some astronomically priced resin forward fuselage? Feh!
    What a beauty!

  5. Beautiful example, John….ya done good, my friend. Always wanted a “B” model (one of my favorite pics is the one with the original Mercury 7 guys posed beside it).

  6. I think these 106Bs are even prettier than the single seaters. I remember seeing these aircraft in New Jersey markings at Atlantic city in the 1980s. There were spectacular aircraft for both their size and markings. I think your build captures both aspects of the aircraft.

    • I agree that they look better then the single seaters. They kind of look like a Mirage 2000N on steroids. Another plane that looks better to me with two seats is the Hawker Hunter. I wish someone would do one of those in 1/48.

  7. Very nice. I have been wondering what this kit looks like when completed. it does for some reason look better than the single-seater.

  8. Great looking Dart!

  9. Looks very nice! I think a lot of folks (including me for awhile) miss out on some great kits by having the pervasive anti Trumpeter bias seen on some forums. I have heard the 106s roundly thrashed, but your build has proven once again most Trumpy kits build up nicely. Great job!

    • Rob, agree. Got to make up your own mind, after weighing the pros and cons. Nobody ever questions the “experts”, though the feeding frenzy at the shark tank relative to a certain companys 109 was entertaining.

    • Thanks Rob. Regarding Trumpeter, some are good, some are terrible. This one is a decent kit, priced a bit too high though. Some Trump kits are real disappointments. The Westland Whirlwind and DH Hornet kits have obvious problems that are hard to fix. The Skywarrior, Mig-21s, and Mig-3s in 1/48 are all nice. Buyer beware!

  10. Flawless and perfect build, John. Love the clean finish !

  11. Very clean build, John, it looks beautiful.

  12. Nice build John, loved the clean paintwork.

  13. I love the “6”, and yours looks fantastic John! Very clean work sir, my hat’s off to ya:)

  14. Hello John,
    Excellent build and spray finish.

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