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1/48 Mig-21MT

This was made from the outstanding Eduard kit, the gold standard for Mig-21s. The MT was an export version of the Soviet SMT. A small batch of 15 were built in 1971, but no customers were found. The aircraft were apparently put to use throughout the 70s and 80s by the Soviet air force in their designed ground attack role. I can’t speak highly enough about the Edurd Mig-21 kits. This particular one was built from a simplified “Weekend” boxing that I added Eduard’s own “Zoom” PE cockpit set to. The cockpit of all Eduard Mig-21s relies heavily on colored PE and they really do need it if you are going to open the canopies. If you are going to build one of these, get the full “Profipack” version. Everything you need to make a great model is in the box. The kit builds fabulously, everything fits precisely. It looks intimidating in the box, as it has a alot of sprues and a high parts count, but it really is a masterpiece. So much so, that it is my favorite jet kit. I finished mine with Humbrol enamels for the camo and general painting. One quirk of this kit is that you need to match a paint to the turquoise PE in the cockpit. I use a mix of hoarded Floquil RR color NYC Jade Green and Conrail Blue. 4:1 is a good starting ratio to mix small batches of this color. Now to finish my Angolan MF…

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22 responses to 1/48 Mig-21MT

  1. excellent finish always like the 21’s

  2. Great job on this one, John.
    I had one on my bench too, but put it aside for this moment as I was not amused about the sloppy fit of the wing root joint, especially in the aft area.
    Apart from that I agree that it is a wonderful subject and a very good kit for a fair price. I especially like the rich surface detail.

  3. Nicely done, John…..I like it.

  4. Looking Sharp, John. A very nice MiG-21 !

  5. You obviously enjoyed building this kit, and this shows through in the finished model, very neat.

  6. Nice build, John. I have one in line to build, and fortunately hoarded several bottles of Model Master Russian Interior Green when I heard they’d be discontinued. Your cockpit seems a bit “Blue-er” than the MM mix, but looks right nonetheless. Now if I could just find the right color Green for the wheels…

    • Thanks Bryan. Don’t plan to use the MM color on an Eduard Mig, it won’t match the PE side panels. It really is a vivid shade in a lot of these Mig-21s and that is what Eduard went with. I’ve also seen a more muted blue in some Mig-21UM models. Like you, I’ve got several bottles of the MM version on hand. That shade seems more suited to the cockpits of Soviet bombers and airliners.

      Humbrol #149 is a good match for the wheels. The shock cone and dielectric panels are Modelmaster Willow Green.

    • Humbrol #149 for the wheels, Modelmaster Willow Green for the shock cone and dielectric panels.

  7. Great Mig John. That’s a nice camo job!

  8. Great Fishbed! I agree – Mig-21’s and Phantoms both had so many users and so many schemes you could model the variants for years. For that reason we chose the Mig-21 as one of our club group builds last year (or was it the year before), and the variety was great – Cuban, Afgan, Czech, and don’t remember what else. I’m not even sure there was a Russian one in the lot!

  9. Greg, did anyone take any peectures? I just love markings miscellancy, particularly the real obscure stuff.

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