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1/48 Xuntong Tu-2T

Xuntong’s first effort is my rendition of a Soviet Pacific Fleet member from 1946. Too late for the second World War, it served in several eastern bloc air forces in a number of roles.

While mostly a pleasure to build, it did suffer from several fit issues and somewhat vague instructions. The engines didn’t fit the cowlings until I ground out the insides of the cowlings and ground the valve covers off of the engines, not something one would expect to do in an injection molded kit. Alignment is critical when dealing with the engines/nacelles and landing gear, but difficult to achieve. There’s a lot going on inside the cowlings, but unless one chooses to leave panels open, which I don’t favor, it’s hidden for eternity.

I left this build clean but for some pre-shading, Painting was achieved with Model Master enamels in their VVS flavors and were masked with a close relative of Blu Tack to avoid a hard demarcation and Tamiya tape. I shot a coat of Pledge, formerly Future, over all, then used the kit decals, despite someone offering to make paint masks for the markings, but they never materialized. Another coat of Pledge, followed by a coat of Model Master Flat Clear and I called it done.

I’ve been eyeballing Xuntong’s Il-4, as I’d certainly build another “X” model kit, but have several kits in the stash that are calling my name.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

30 responses to 1/48 Xuntong Tu-2T

  1. Bryan, that really turned out well. First one of these I’ve seen built. I’m impressed with the detail in the interior, engines, and torpedo. Shame you had to wrestle with the cowlings, and to hide that engine detail.
    For a Russian plane, that’s good looking. Nice paint scheme, too.
    That other one you’re contemplating from them, not so much.

  2. Nicely finished and photographed….I like it!

  3. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Interesting aircraft, nice work on it. The colors on the camouflage scheme really give this model a singular “FEEL” to it.

  4. Very nice! Great paint work. I’m looking forward to Xuntong’s SB-2 kit.

  5. Looks good, Bryan, glad to see you finally got her finished.

  6. Looks good to me Bryan, although I am not an expert on such rarities you have made a beaut.

  7. Nice. Not unlike a Bf110, isn’t it?

    • Rob, I’m not so sure about that. Bomber vs. heavy fighter, radial vs. inline power, three crew vs. two, ventral gun position, and considerably larger and faster with a much greater payload. If I had to go to war in either, it would be this one.

  8. From my experience (and your “in progress” photos), there’s a bit more than “some” problems. But you certainly overcame them! Of the three models I have seen done from this kit, yours is definitely the best.

  9. I like this one! If I can find one in 72 scale, I’m using your paint scheme as reference! Hiding all that nice detail under closed nacelles is one of the reasons I prefer 72 scale, but you did great work on it even just to cover it up.

  10. As Frank Zappa once remarked, “Nice plastic folks”! ‘Course the next line was “No freaks for us”! Go with the first part.

  11. I think that’s just beautiful, both as an aircraft and a model. The only reason that I’m not rushing-out this minute to buy one for m’self is that I’m absolute coward when it comes to ‘hard work’ on a kit, or I’m really lazy one of the two.

    Superb modelling, Bryan.


  12. Ian, many thanks, but it wasn’t that difficult in the traditional sense as there are many other kits that far exceeded the work load this one required. I also just noticed that I neglected to remove the masking from the aft fuselage side windows-three on each side-and the under wing landing lights. Guess I’m not done after all…

  13. Like selection to build Tupolev Tu-2..
    I, for my I have not yet decided I am waiting for some interesting decal for three propeller list from WWII baltic sea .
    With four propeller the cold war Bulgaria.

    Nice and look BUILD..


  14. Very nice work on very interesting subject. I have never seen this kit, but am adding it to my want list. Reminds me of the Mitsibushi G3M2 Nell.

  15. Excellent work, great paint job and finish. You overcome the fit problems really good, as seen in the picture.
    Well done !
    This one could be something for me.

  16. Very neat job, Bryan, and always nice to see something a little bit different.

  17. Thanks, George. Just couldn’t stomach another Spit, 109, or P-whatever.

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