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Airfix Hawker Fury 1/48 SAAF East Africa

Been a while since I shared. I recently built the 1/48 scale hawker Fury representing a 1 Sqd SAAF aircraft operating in the Abyssian campaign during WWII.

Built OOB I only added the stays and aerial with stretched sprue. Quite a nice kit even if it was moulded in 1960.

Hope you enjoy.

11 responses to Airfix Hawker Fury 1/48 SAAF East Africa

  1. Nice build of a somewhat clunky kit.

  2. VERY cool. Love the look of this baby in WW2 camo. Like a biplane Hurricane. Did you know two SAAF pilots in nothing but shorts and sandals scrambled to knock down a tri-motor Caproni?

    • Thanks Bill. Yes those SAAF pilots were another breed altogether. At one stage the pilot of the Valencia they had, that usually only ferried mail and the odd passenger, and a sapper bombed one of the Italian forts out of alleged boredom. They filled up an old oil drum with whatever material they could find, including an old sewing machine. They flew into Abyssinia, dropped the bomb and came back. They were reprimanded by the SAAF officers.

  3. What can I say, another great build Bud, well done. Excellent.

  4. I Like !
    Fury yes we need a new one by today’s standard and scale 1/72 and 1/48.
    Old force for good 1/72 Matchbox,A-model….1/48 Piro,Airfix they all have more than thirty years..

    ice builD!


  5. Very nicely done. 🙂

  6. hey , nice job on a fun little kit! looks great!

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