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Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I in 1/48 scale

Hello iModelers, here are some pictures from my newest roll out. Its the old tool kit from Airfix. Its probably completely outdated by newer kits but it has still a lot to offer, the very nice surfaces for example, raised but subtle as the fabric on the rear part of the fuselage and it looks the part.

My build has a lot of “firsts”
The camo scheme was masked, RAF schemes are hard edged so my favorite free hand spraying won t work. Used self made templates for that, not 100% accurate but a good move.
The ( overdone ) chipping was made with salt on a silver primed surface.
The raised panels were primed in black and/or silver. After the camo was on, i sanded the surfaces wet and the line came through. Not the first try but it worked the first time.

The decals came from the Kit, Techmod and Sky Decals. The Techmod Squadron letters were too dark for my lighter shaded paint work and the Sky Decals letters were used, everything went well on. The ejection chutes were simulated with decal stripes from the kit decals.

The canopy of the kit was successfully messed up by me, so i borrowed a Hasegawa canopy. It slides much better on the rear fuselage of the Airfix kit, than on the kit it was designed for. It was cut in two with a razor blade.
The markings are for P3700, No 303 “Polish” Squadron, Northolt in September 1940.
Hope you like it.
Best Regards

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39 responses to Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I in 1/48 scale

  1. Nice one Bernd, good to see you back.
    With a plane…
    Well done mate.

  2. Always good to see one of your postings, Bernd, be it a plane or a piece of armour, or whatever. Hurricanes always look more like a fighter that the Spitfire, and this one is no exception.
    How’s your shop going by the way?

  3. Thank you Simon, the last weeks were pretty busy but somewhat creative as well.
    Its my first RAF plane in years, hopefully more to come 🙂

  4. Bernd, great stuff! You went all out on this one. Really nice restrained chipping and weathering. I suspect some of these didn’t have a whole lot of time to get dirty, what with the losses and op tempo.
    Airfix’ kit is somewhat sparse in the cockpit and the U/C wells, but the fabric effect on the rear fuselage is better, IMHO, than Hasegawa. A mashup of the two would be ideal, provided you’ve got both. Hasegawas nose is for a later I or a II, and you’ve got those multiple gun ports to fair into the leading edge, unlike the Airfix. Multiple versions, I, IIB, IIC, IV, IID.
    The NEW Airfix I is absolutely marvelous.
    I also like the colour (!) you used on the fabric gun patches. It just seems to me that most of the ones I see done are too bright a red. I figure it’s the same dope they use on the insignia, which looks more like dried blood, darker red. Humbrol 60ish.

    • Thanks for the kind feedback, Bernard ! The kit needs some TLC! After the canopy will stay open its time for a pilot, maybe, done from a newer Airfix molding. Their figures are really nice !
      Hasegawa has typically done their Hurricane kits optimised for all the poosible variants but i am looking forward to build the kits in my stash ( and hope i can grab a new tool AX Hurricane )
      The tape before the gun openings are simply decals from the Airfix kit. The silver primer is not a good match for too much masking. The decals in the kit worked all pretty good.
      Building old kits is fun 🙂

  5. Nicely done, Bernd….glad to see your sales are thriving as well. Best to Anja.

  6. Hello Bernd, a fine looking Hurricane for sure. Good photos and I enjoyed the in-progress shots too.

  7. Very very nice. Love the light blue underneath which is a nice change to Sky. I am don’t Ine also. 🙂

  8. Very nice Bernd. Just goes to show what a great result can be had from an older kit! I especially like the weathering you’ve given to the under surfaces.

  9. Yet another outstanding build from you, Bernd! Your photography is excellent, too!

  10. Guten Tag mein Freund! Your Hurricane looks great!!! I like the salt weathering very much. I have the new tool Airfix Hurricane and it is a must build for any modeler. Your camo and weathering is spot on. A very nice rendition of a Battle of Britain Hurricane!!!! Well done!!!

    • Vielen Dank mein Freund. My aircraft collection lacks so many RAF types, may this old kit is a good start.
      The new tool Hurricane from Airfix is indeed a superlative kit, like almost every well used WWII fighter plane, you can t have enough of them. Can t wait to see your result 🙂

  11. Nice one Bernd !, I concur with the other comments, but with one additional observation. I like that you left the torn tape over gun barrels. I’ve seen this in photos but rarely on models. I also didn’t know that about the sharp edges on the camo. Good info .

  12. Very well done, Bernd, congratulations.

  13. Oldie but Goldie!

    Nice build Hurricane

  14. We don’t see that many Hurricanes here, as opposed to Spitfires, arguably because there are more Marks of the latter, and it’s also a time-honoured modelling choice. I’ve always liked the Hurricanes though. They have a personal quality about them, and whenever I see one here in a museum or in a flypast they seem particularly evocative of the era.

    Very nice build.

  15. Yeah, she may be outdated by some of the newer kits, but she is still a gem and can probably be had for real cheap. Your Hurricane is very well executed. Whatever your choice of paint for the Dk Green, Dk Earth, and Sky, they look spot on. Well done.

    • Thank you Seamus, i am always on the search for some bargains and this kit and the other Airfix 1/48 old tool kits are on the list.
      The used colors came from Humbrol, Model Master and Revell. Dark Earth is a mix of a Revell brown and the Model Master Tan for the SEAC scheme.

  16. As all above have said – very nice build! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Bernd,
    What is left to say about this that has not already been said. I have always liked the Herricane even though it did not have the lines of the Spit. To me it is like a Pit Bull compared to a Poodle. You did a great job. This is beautiful.

  18. Well done Bernd! Is the Airfix Hurri really so good? I always liked the Hurricane better than the Spit and I plan to make an early Battle of Britain bird in 1:48 (hope yet in this year 😀 ). I’m lamenting now which one I chose: Hase, Tamiya or Airfix. On evilbay now the prices of the three kits are quite similar…

  19. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind comment, Gabor.
    Hmm, good question, my Hurricane is the old tool kit from Airfix, its from 1980, i guess. If you looking for a newer modern kit you have actually three choices in 1/48.
    Hasegawa, got a MkI and a Mk.IIc in my stash and build a Mk.IIc some years ago. A good kit, nice detals like all the kits from this brand. The fabric is a bit too pronounced but will look good under a layer of primer. Canopy is one part, if you want to display the hood open, you have to do some cuts, better use a vacu replacement part from Pavla or Rob Taurus.
    Tamiya is the Italeri kit in a Tamiya box. Can t say much about, it has an engine and Italeri made a Sea Hurricane. In some parts of the world is Italeri cheaper for the same plastic.
    The new tool kit from Airfix is the newest and probably the best choice. It has the number A05127. May this helps 🙂

  20. Gabor, Uncle Bernie says go get you one of them new Airfix Hurricanes. They also now have a boxing with the Hurricane, the new groundcrew set, and the refueling and soft top trucks, diorama in a box.
    Their new Hurri has optional parts for a Trop (Vokes filter) and a Seahurri. Plus, option for open gun bays on both wings, with MG breeches and their covers.

  21. I am really looking forward to your coming Hurricane, Gabor.
    Happy modelling !

  22. Thank You Guys! I think I will go for the Airfix one – well a B of B diorama sounds good also 🙂

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