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Diorama subject?

A friend posted this on our club’s Facebook page, with the note, “Somebody should do a diorama…”

Hmmm …

14 responses to Diorama subject?

  1. I will bet the guys in back hide the beer in the trees before the boss got there.

  2. Rob I am sure you can rise to the challenge. Would look great in a diorama with a recovery tank.

  3. Call two recovery vehicles, send the TC to HQ for a “debriefing”.
    Any informed guesses as to who,, which, and where? I’m not up on the modern stuff, looks like sovblock to me.

  4. that looks like a career ender

  5. Agree with Morne – you da man to do this diorama!

  6. Meng do a very nice version of this tank, and also Zvesda do one not quite as nice but in this scene maybe finer points aren’t top of the list.

  7. Thanks, Bob! I was thinking T-80, but kinda hard, what with it being submerged. Wonder if the unditching log is equally below water?
    This is such a great picture! Like some prehistoric monster come to grief.

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