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F 84 E Academy 1/72 . 2 years old…

Well here it is, started 2 years ago and now finished.
Not so much a hard kit, just other builds came along.
Tamiya and Alcad paints were used along with Vallejo varnishes.
The kit decals were s***, but I used the stencils from them.
The A/M decals from Bare Metal Foil co were good but a bit fragile.

It was done as a learning build and all mistakes were left as to remind me in future builds.

The markings represent the ANG in Korea Jan 1952.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

34 responses to F 84 E Academy 1/72 . 2 years old…

  1. Nice little model, good job especially with detailled markings (stencils).

  2. Nice build Simes.

  3. Nice work Simon! Your NMF is well done. Experts Choice has some great options for US ANG squadrons. It’s nice to see them used.

    • Thank you John.
      The NMF was one of things I wanted to try on a small scale build before ruining a big build.
      With the Experts Choice decals, I learned that it is better to cut long thin decals into smaller lengths for easier application.

  4. Looks pretty good from here! 🙂

  5. Simon, I don’t see a whole heck of a lot wrong with that model, particularly at 1/72nd scale. I like it very much.

  6. Wow ! I was wondering if it really existed. Good job, Simon. Now you can get on with the rest ! Was it the F-84, or becoming a Grandfather, that slowed you down?

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Even as one admire this model, the graceful lines of the F-84 can be well seen. Nice work on this subject Simon,

  8. Simon, great build and nice choice of markings. Texas ANG, called up for Korea, with an impressive mission tally on the side of the nose. Korea is the forgotten war, mostly. Always good to see an aircraft from that time. Lest we forget….
    Thundercraft, from the Republic “Iron Works”. Honest aircraft, bring you back with large chunks shot away. Right thru the Warthog.

    • Thank you Bernard, Korea was the much forgotten war, with many WW2 planes still being used. And with the advent of the jet engines and such on, brought the ball game a whole new dimension.
      Apparently they use to call her the lead sled as she was a pig to take off in.

  9. Looks great Simon, well done mate!

  10. Thanks for showing this fine model of a very interesting subject, Simon

  11. Very nice work Simon! I’ve got this same kit in the stash, and it sounds like you’d be recommending that I look for some aftermarket decals…

    My experience thus far with Academy decals would seem to confirm!

    • She is not a bad kit Greg. With a little bit of care when fitting the panels on the fuselage, and she is cool.
      Also, I just remembered the gunsight needs to be mounted dead square and central to allow the windscreen to fit correctly.
      And yes, look out for some A/M decals

  12. Nice looking model, Simon, I think the jets from this era are very attractive, they look so simple yet still do the job. What have you perched her on for the photographs?

  13. Really like that, well modelled, Simon.


  14. Beautiful, nice build of one of my all time, if not my all time fighters!

  15. Nice Thunderjet, Simon. The NMF is well done 🙂

  16. ooooooww…way to go Si…great job

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