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WWI Austro-Hungarian hangar and airfield (Pergine, Italy, 1916) 1:72 scratchbuilt

Hi Everyone!

Finally finished this quite huge project. This will be part of the collection of the new aircraft museum in Szolnok which will open (hopefully) this year. The diorama will be the part of the WWI exhibition with 10 Albatros fighters (they made by another modelers since I had no time to make them). If You interested in the project and process You can see the whole thread in the group section (dioramas). The only thing that was scary that the base was much wider than the doors of our flat 😀 so we needed some ingenuity to bring it out. 😀 This was my biggest diorama ever built and I think I can hardly beat this for a while in this manner 🙂 As I’m not a wwI guy I havn’t got any ww1 plane in 1:72 at home so I used a Siskin for the pics just for size comparison – a strange visitor on a KuK airfiled :). The trees are from Noch (the only i could buy locally), not too lifelike but fills the bill as they weren’t too expensive. If I had more time (and money) for the project I would try replicate them with something better. Thank You for looking!

28 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to WWI Austro-Hungarian hangar and airfield (Pergine, Italy, 1916) 1:72 scratchbuilt

  1. Impressive diorama, sir….well done.

  2. Gabor, really turned out beautifully. The trees don’t look bad, hard to replicate nature.

  3. Great results. Those 1/72 scale WWI kits are far too small and fragile for me!

  4. Thank You All! In my eyes the trees are awful but there weren’t alternative when I bought them at the local hobby shop. Modeling a wwI fighter is 1:72 is some sort of masochism I think also 🙂

  5. still a huge build, congrats! and I’m lucky enough to see it in reality when this museum opens:) all the people there and the animals and the whole scene gives the dio a kind of “real touch” which I really like. trees are okayish also for me (maybe you can find better ones in model train specialist stores, there is a quite good with a really fair sortiment here in Budapest). is it a rabbit below the table (pics#2)?

  6. Yeah, I was very surprised the RAF SISKIN parked in the front of
    K.uK. Hangar in ITALY ??
    then I read the text and my story is now known.
    project and build is amazing i’m really like.

    Does he plan to get it for my frequent theft of building the midle of the 50th
    al have used aerclubs
    but they have due to age and wear, tear down and set up modern..


  7. Having watched this build from time to time, it’s nice to see it finished – a well-crafted diorama.

  8. Nice work Gabor.
    To undertake a project like this and complete it is hard going.
    You should be proud of it.
    Well done sir.

  9. Looks good Gabor. Although I’d rather see all your time and talent poured into another 1/72 aircraft that I could drool over, I do understanding you taking a break to work on such a fun project! Now – back to stuff with wings…!

  10. Thank You All for the kind comments! Greg: after this I HAD to work with something that has wings :DDD

  11. Gabor,
    Beautifully done. You did a masterful job on this.

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