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Detail and Scale Demon iBook

I was the lucky recipient of the recently published Deail and Scale monograph of the McDonnel Douglas Demon, which was offered on this site.

It was my first iBook and to be honest, I didn’t expect to like it all that much. I love books. I love the sight of them on my shelves, each reminding me of a time or an experience. Usually, in the case of the aircraft books, the memories are of models built and long discarded. I like the smell of them. I worked for years as a bookseller. So, as you see, I am quite committed to the traditional book format.

So what was I expecting? Since publishing electronically is not limited by quantity, I expected editing standards to slip. I expected to get lots of information, some useful, most not. I expected the thing to be amateurish.

I must apologise to the publishers for my assumptions. In fact, the contents of the book are as well edited as any paper book in this field. The chapters are well structured with history, variants, operations, detailed photo walkrounds, and a fascinating set of anecdotes from Demon pilots each taking its own chapter. There is also a review of available models and tips on improvements.

The photography is good throughout with LOTS of colour pics (probably too expensive to appear in a conventional book).

It was very easy to download from the ibook site using the app pre-installed on my iPhone. My lack of a compatible tablet is a drawback. I spend a lot of time zooming in and out on my small screen and would have liked a pc compatible version. no doubt these things will happen in time. This is where a paper book would have excelled, almost everyone is paper compatible. However, this is a minor point compared to the greatest advantage of the iBook.

It is very cheap. Eight pounds is a bargain! And it will always be available. No need to limit the print run, this will always be on the server at a low price. There exists too, the possibility that a second edition, with corrections and addenda might be issued with minor costs to the publisher.

All in all, I recommend this publication wholeheartedly.

3 responses to Detail and Scale Demon iBook

  1. Thanks, Don. A good overview of the format and content. You mentioned the quality and quantity of the photos – maybe a few samples here? Otherwise very informative, and kudos for fessing up to your print preferences. It makes your views on the digital format that much more considered.

  2. Thank You! As Rob said this helps me to overcome my usual mistrust for non-printed materials (I always found easier to look printed materials during building than a monitor but time change 🙂 ).

  3. Thanks for the review, Don. Yeah, it’s tough to read books on a phone because the iBook format was originally created for the iPad (where it really shines) and later expanded to the Mac first and then the iPhone. But with all of our photos and art done at 2048 pixels in width, the best part of the book really doesn’t come through on a phone.

    Since samples have been asked for, I’ll post an update with some on the main page.

    Thanks again for the review!

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