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Grumman S-2A Tracker in 1/48 scale by Kinetic

Well another one finally complete. This is the Kinetic issue of the early version S-2A, basically short body and short wings to keep the description simple. I went all out on this kit using Quickboost engines that were wired and had the pushrods added. The interior got some help with the Steelbeach seats that are not exactly correct for this model but look a heck of a lot better than those in the kit. To that I added the Eduard etch set, also not quite correct. Steelbeach supplied a searchlight, non-existent in the kit.

I used a Terry Dean nose weight, that fit perfectly and held balance until I installed the wings in the folded configuration.

I scratch built the wingfold supports and added the various and numerous antenna cables using EZ Line-first time for me but great stuff to work with. I used it for the anti-static wires too.

Paint, the usual MM Glossy Sea Blue thinned about 60% and applied in several thin coats. Eduard masks were used. An overcoat of Future provided a nice base for the excellent Caracal decals. I used an old Microscale sheet of flat black film for the wingwalks. One more coat of Future to seal everything off and then a final “topside only” coat of Pollyscale semi-gloss for the final finish. I used pastels for the exhausts, also from Quickboost.

Special thanks and a tip of the old headgear to Jim Sullivan. I highly recommend his excellent In Action book on the Tracker. Also another tip of the headgear to the Tailspin Topics Blog from Tommy Thomason and some photos by Steve Ginter, who has a Tracker book coming out soon.

I appreciate all of your comments.


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26 responses to Grumman S-2A Tracker in 1/48 scale by Kinetic

  1. Great-lookin’ build, Eugene…I have a couple of books from Jim as well – they’re (and he) are always a big help.

  2. that looks really cool, especially the engines!

  3. Yes, a ‘satisfying complexity.’

  4. Very nicely done Clark, I just love the GSB and markings. Good job on the rigging too, quite a bit of it there. The Quickboost engines really dressed her up. I like the job you did on the wing support struts, far better than those supplied in the kit. Mighty fine !!!

  5. marvelous sir…absolutely marvelous

  6. Nice work Eugene, I enjoyed checking this one out. I usually prefer the wings down, however when something is done this well who can argue. Suburb workmanship throughout.

  7. Well done! I like the blue versions of the Tracker – just seems to fit her better than the grey/white.

  8. Outstanding, first in a GSB scheme, wings folded. Well done. Nice touch on the light weathering on the airframe. I know the feeling just as you think it will sit on the gear properly a little mod tips the center of balance. Oh well, just have the old Hasegawa Tracker in 72nd scale. Seeing yours in 48th is a must to pick up sometime soon. Thanks for sharing.
    Fly Navy

  9. I have the S-2F, but I’ll have to look for an A model as it looks great in blue! How sturdy is everything as far as wing attachment in the folded position goes? (I see the braces are under the wings.) Great job!

  10. Hi Josh…..I took note from a build by Tom Cleaver and carefully made sure everything went together easily. The fold points are weak. I reinforced them with some super glue then opened up the attachment holes. As I mentioned, the wing braces are scratch made as those in the kit are too short and not detailed. Just some simple styrene rod and punched out discs. I made a positive location point in the top of the wing (underside when folded) and carefully slid everything together. Do install your antennas first. Once I was satisfied with position just a touch of super glue locked it all together.

  11. Hello Eugene,
    Thanks for sharing this remarkable aircraft with us.
    Long time ago, the Dutch Navy had 42 in it’s inventory and most of the flight crew still has good memories about the flight characteristics. Also on one engine!! Nickname STOOF (S2F)
    Your model looks the S2A. Job well done.
    I include one link to the Dutch Tracker with lots of pics.

  12. That’s a beautiful model, Eugene, I love the detail you’ve added with the wing folds.

    • Hello George. I certainly appreciate your comment. Just as a heads up, the wing fold detail is actually kit parts. Wolfpack also makes a resin upgrade set but to be honest they are not much of an improvement over the kit parts. But, as I mentioned, the attachment points are very fragile so careful assembly is necessary. Then some detail painting and weathering makes the connection stand out. Best to you this morning here in the States.

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