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Monogram 1/48 Mig-15 bis

I seem to have a Korea War interest these days and wanted to do a Mig as well as an F-86 Saber jet. Started the Saber with the Academy kit but ended up ruining it, however a Revell replacement is in the works. Lots is known about the Mig and it’s primary function of intercepting high altitude bombers so I wont dwell on the details of this aircraft. I will mention that when it was deployed to Korea it caught the Air Force by complete surprise. Picked this kit up a show for $10 and used the patent pending technique developed by Craig Abrahamson,of medalizer rattle cans for the paint. I did how ever cheat a little and included some Tamiya silver leaf from the can as well

Mostly built out of the box, but did cut out the kit seat and added a Quickboost one to enhance the look. Drilled out the gun barrels and added nylon threat for the antenna. I went with the kit Russian decals because I liked them better and they worked quite well. Not a winner, and it’s amazing the little mistakes you see when doing close up pics, but a decent little kit that was fun to build.

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9 responses to Monogram 1/48 Mig-15 bis

  1. Very nicely done, Tom….ya done good – lol
    That ‘buffable’ MM metalizer finish turned out great IMO. Glad you could glean a little info from my experiences. Now you can attack those pesky NMF builds with confidence. This one is excellent.

  2. Tom, great job on her! That undernose panel for the “visible” armament is a killer, and you got it. And it’s got that neat pilot figure, too. Good old Monogram! Their internal figures were the best, and I always wondered why they didn’t do sets of them, like some other people.

  3. Thanks Bernard, if the kit includes figures I always keep them for the day I try a Diorama..They all are generally very good especially the pilots and ground crew.

  4. It’s cool, Tom, I love jets from this era, and you seem to have nailed it!

  5. Thanks George, seem to gravitate to those old Monogram kits. Quite often they’re fun to build..

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