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Product News – Aires

November 8, 2015 · in News · · 11 Comments

Aires have their entire product portfolio at the show and one gets the impression that there is almost no aircraft without according Aires offerings. The guys from the Czech family company seem to model their bodies in the mornings and aircraft in the afternoon.
Appologies for the poor photography this time, artificial light at this corner of the hall is very difficult to work with.

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11 responses

  1. They should stick with building their bodies as their overpriced detail sets do not fit worth a damn.

    • Did you have a "bad experience" with one of their products, Seamus, or does their lack of 'accuracy and fit' hold true for ALL items?

      • In answer to your query Craig, yes, I have had a bad experience with several of their products. What is more, so did many of my fellow modelers. I will say that the detail on these Aires products are amazing, however, the work involved to get them to fit (if they do fit?) is just ridiculous. I cannot see paying an arm and a leg to work my a*s off to get a detail set to fit when there is no guarantee that it will in the first place. I never had this kind of trouble with True Details, Cutting Edge, Cooper Details, etc. I am sure those three shysters are muscular because they have to lug all their unsold detail sets around from show to show hoping to find a s****r to purchase then.

    • It`s true. In our club we have a standing joke about Aires and fit

    • The reason why Aires sets are difficult to fit is because Aires sets are made to scale. They don't shrink things down to fit inside the plastic parts. If they did then the cockpit sets would be say 1/52 for example.

      I realized this about Aires when I purchased their Su-27 cockpit for the Academy kit. I used it in the Eduard boxing of the Flanker. The Eduard Flanker includes a resin cockpit, but when compared to the Aires set it's obvious that the Eduard resin set is smaller and was made to be a simple drop fit. This results in Eduard's cockpit being under scale. After a great deal of planning and careful patient sanding I got the Aires Su-27 set to fit and it's beautiful.

      So they don't and won't sacrifice accuracy. Because of this there is usually a great deal of sanding and trimming involved to get a set to fit properly. Lots of resin and plastic dust!

      While I love the level of detail in Aires sets I will usually do a bit of research and then decide if it's worth the time and effort and I've learned not to follow Aires instructions!

      Aires sets are for the most part made for the Advanced Modeler and masochists.

      Aires other line of items is in fact one of my favorites - Quickboost. The label says it all. The Quickboost package contains one or a few parts that are very easy to install and they are very helpful in adding a bit of detail that levels up a Model and the sets are always inexpensive which leaves me money to buy Call of Duty Black Ops 3. 😉

      I'm planning of building a Hobby Boss 1/48 F/A-18. Now I have a choice: Super detail the cockpit with an Aires set or just buy a Quickboost Ejection seat. I'll go with the seat and save the money for the new Kinetic F/A-18.

      As for the three Aires reps in the photograph - well it's nice to see younger modelers. Here in the USA the IPMS shows are filled with very grumpy older men and there's only a handful of children and they get chased away from the display tables! IPMS USA doesn't do a very good job of reaching out to younger modelers, so I skip their shows now.

  2. I looked at it on Sprue Bros. and there's quite a bit of detail there for a dedicated, hardcore builder. A bit pricey though at $84 plus some change plus shipping.

  3. I look back on experience with an Aires cockpit, a pilot seat and a front wheel bay in the past years. It was the unbelievable level of detail that made me spend money for it, but in fact one must invest quite some work to make the parts fit.
    I spoiled a cockpit side wall when trying to sand it down so that the fuselage halfs would go together. The seat and the wheel bay, however, required some reasonable effort to get them in and they really improved the model.

  4. This is the kind of insightful reading I come to iModeler for -

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