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Product News – Alclad II

Alclad II, known for their outstanding lacquer based metaliser paints, have presented a range of standard colours at Telford. The new series is enamel based, airbrush ready and instantly drying according to the manufacturer.

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6 responses

  1. That looks interesting.
    May have to have a closer peek.

  2. I will be trying these out as I am a big fan of the Alclad II metal finishes.

  3. they look

  4. Can it be transported by air? Hard to get in Australia.

  5. Hi Guys;

    I have used a recipe that had my enamels drying in about 10 minutes for several about years, however I could not make it stable enough to survive being bottled.

    The greatest benefit of this paint is that (aside from the quick drying nature) is that it allows modellers who appreciated the fact that acrylics dried quickly the ability to blend colours in a way that is impossible with Acrylics. Every colour has been painstakingly researched and matched to our paint manufacturers standard colours (British, US Federal etc) and brings their over 100 years of paint production into account.

    I should point out that I am in charge of Marketing for Alclad, so take my comments as you will, but I have been modelling in magazines (and edited a magazine) since 2001 and I came to work with Alclad because I have always been a firm supporter in their products and wanted to be associated with a product I can sell with confidence.

    Paul, in answer to your question about availability in Australia, we are certain that Alclads Australian distributors will choose to stock the line. Unfortunately postal regulations here in the UK make it prohibitively expensive to ship small orders overseas.

    All the best,

    Jay Laverty

    Product Development & Marketing Manager - Alclad II

    After I started working with Alclad in April we got to work on developing the recipe into something that would survive in a bottle for up to 6 years and recently, with the help of our paint manufacturer we have developed an airbrush ready enamel that is touch dry (meaning it can be handled) in about 5 minutes, providing it is sprayed according to instructions (15-20 psi and in light coats).

    It goes on with a matte finish, however if you want something with more sheen to it, it can be sprayed at a higher pressure and in "wet" coats.

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