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Tamiya 1/35 Hanomag

November 14, 2015 · in Armor · · 9 · 3.2K

My idea was to construct a diorama using this excellent kit, but given my attention span & the shiny new box sitting next to my desk I thought I'd post some pics before my son sits on it or something.

Like many others I'm a huge admirer of products, but I was staggered to note that this model was first produced in 1973, good grief! People were building this over forty years ago! Oh well, it's new to me!

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  1. Turned out nicely...I like it.

  2. I see you're exercising your options for figure placement. Tamiya have some dynamic-looking figures, I think, and just need that finishing touch to bring them to life.

    I recently built their Type 1 Japanese self-propelled gun, which is a fine little kit from 1975 but re-released with several figures. It could probably stand to have the vinyl tracks replaced but otherwise it's a gem. If anyone's interested in developing their diorama skills these older kits are a great starting point, and not expensive at all.

    • Yes, Rob... the figures aren't glued in place just yet & I was never really totally convinced by the chap jumping over the side. I discovered by accident, in fact, that he sits reasonably well in the back! As you may know, the kit came with a couple of other stand-alone figures (and in fact I bought a few more for a diorama) but I'd have liked one or two more who could've been placed in the vehicle itself. It must've been pretty cramped in there & I'd have liked to capture that.

      The doors at the back can be opened & shut - while I don't normally build kits with any moving parts I've initially left these free while I figure out photography possibilities.

  3. Well done, looking neat and I like the subtle weathering. I built the same kit years ago and recently rebuilt it using spares from a AVF club SdKfz 251. I agree with Rob that the older kits are useful to experiment with dioramas. I personally prefer older kits as it offers great opportunities in honing your modeling skills.

    • Thanks, Tappie. You learn as you go, I guess. I can see all kinds of things here I should really fix, but I may be working on something produced a bit more recently next; a Meng Leopard produced just in 2015, I think. Been practicing a bit before starting on that, as it was an expensive kit!

  4. A nice dirty infantry assault vehicle filled with nice dirty infantrymen - what's not to like?!

    I vote for the eager-beaver guy jumping over the side - maybe to get stitched with a burst of .30 caliber. 🙂

    • Cheers, Tom. Perhaps jumping over the side & risking the .30 was preferable to jumping out the back & getting snagged on that rather sinister looking tow-bar. Doesn't bear thinking about.

  5. I think that these older Tamiya kits are classics and still hold up well, and, are good value for money. You've done a great job with this one, Steve, here's hoping that your son doesn't see fit to sit on it!

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