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Telford Walkaround (6)

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7 responses to Telford Walkaround (6)

  1. Great pictures!
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks Rob for some great pics.
    I will have to go there one year.

  3. Interesting stuff, but definitely a few cases of “too much is too much.” I refer to the HOPH Catalina and the Airfix Shackleton.

    In both cases, if one wants to build a model of the airplane, in operational configuration, every micro-nanosecond wasted on doing the beautifully-detailed interiors is a part of your life you will never get back, for no purpose other than “I know it’s there.” One cannot see 1 percent of the detail through the windows if the fuselage is assembled, which means all that effort and all those parts are wasted. One has spent perhaps 25% of the cost of the kit on things never seen again once assembled. I’d rather have a kit that didn’t waste my time, on things I’ll never do, and save the money for another model. Sorry, this is modeling nuttiness gone berserk.

    • The HPH cutaway is as you see it. There’s no full model of it. What can’t be seen in the photo is the external of the half on view. The main wing is foreshortened to the first spar only, with one side of the undercarriage only, and so forth. It reminds me of one of those human anatomy models that shows all the organs in their places. There was a lot of attention paid to it, but I never saw anyone make a purchase (It was £600….).

  4. Tom, I’m just elated to see a new Shack, two was a surprise.
    By no means slamming Eduard, but their FW-190s, all that engine and armament detail and wingroot hatches, and the engine details on their 109Es . William of Ockams razor, anyone? Easier to see than Shack interior, but closing the noses up can be an exercise in fiddliness. Yeah, I did get Hasegawas 190A-4 too, I’m a glutton for punishment.
    Hey, never satisfied! Kaizan! Grumble, grumble, mumble. Time for my Geritol…
    Mr. Positivity

    • I think if there was a point to be made with an example of ‘over-egging the recipe’ it would be the HK Models B-17. A hugely detailed interior, etc, and a huge price ( although I did find myself gazing longingly at their 1/32 Lancaster prototype on display.).

  5. Great variety of pictures of, Rob, thanks for sharing.

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