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TESTORS 1/9 Scale Heritage Softail

Here’s another recently completed motorcycle. The 1/9 Scale Testors Heritage Softail. I got this one soon after finishing the IMEX Heritage. I expected things to be a bit different but that wasn’t to be the case. This model is EXACTLY the same kit. By that I mean it’s EXACTLY the same right down to the instructions sheet and the decals. So I thought I would do things just a LITTLE different to make it stand out against the IMEX model.

Once again I went with a matching frame. This time in a Metallic Candy Red. This was applied over a base coat of Flat Black primer. I have to put more coats of the candy color over the flat black to cover but it gives a much richer end result.

The saddlebags were done in a flat black with a gloss coat applied after all the rivets were added. Once again the “leather” fringe is nothing more than a standard piece of paper.

Engine has been detailed in almost the same way as the IMEX save for a few, minor, cosmetic changes that I made. It was then mounted into the frame after numerous test fittings to make sure it would fit correctly.

And here is the end result. A very nice build with the results being a metallic red Softail that has garnered a place among my quality builds.

Again, if you have any questions about ANY of the photos please reference them by the number in that photo. I’ll be happy to respond just as soon as I can.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to TESTORS 1/9 Scale Heritage Softail

  1. Arguably, a better result than the Imex, but it may be that the red and black combination is so striking, in comparison.

    Nice job (again).

  2. Just a Harley Harry.
    Another fine build mate.

  3. So….I wonder which came first – the chicken (IMEX) or the egg (Testors) ? 🙂

  4. Beautiful build and a great looking bike.

  5. Duuuuuude THAT is cool!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments!

  7. I’m an airplane guy, but MAN – that is a stellar build! Very nice!

  8. Master Modeller.
    Great bike.

  9. Wow! I don’t know what else to say!

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