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The Colonel’s Displeasure

Hello all,

This was my attempt to model the end of Don Gentile’s combat tour. He had been requested to beat up the airfield after returning from his last escort mission over Germany. He was tired, understandably, and during a low pass for the press he clipped the airfield with his prop blades. Amazingly he managed to retain enough control to make a survivable crash landing a mile away from his base. ‘Shangri-La’ didn’t survive however, and was stripped for spares and later allegedly bulldozed into a nearby pond.

My diorama shows Gentile’s boss expressing his displeasure at this turn of events.

Notice Gentile’s bandaged hand. His only injury was a broken thumb!

Tamiya kit, Humbrol enamels, 1:48. Built a decade or more ago but I’m still pleased with it. I was inspired to post this build by the lovely model which precedes my article.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to The Colonel’s Displeasure

  1. Nice job on that diorama, Don….I can’t remember the last time I even TRIED to model a “diorama” (although most of my models would fit quite nicely into a scene that depicted a “wreck”).

  2. Fun project, and nicely finished and detailed model. I always kinda “hate” to beat up a perfectly good model, but it does make for interesting dioramas!

  3. Great illustration of a well documented historical event and well executed. I wish I had thought of it.

  4. Thanks for that guys.

    I enjoy modelling damaged and wrecked aircraft. Maybe it’s a reaction to two decades in the RAF trying to keep them flying!

  5. Very pleasant diorama, a event just like if we lived it.Thank you for this lovely work.

  6. Tolga !! See what he did to your Shangri La !!!!

    Otherwise, a phenomenal diorama very true.
    One big LIKE!!!

  7. Great work, very realistic.

  8. Don – beautifully done! Plus, the fact that is is/was (sadly) TRUE makes it even more interesting!

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