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1:48 ANG UH-1 “Huey”

Just an out of the box build of a Bell UH-1 based on an Army National Guard “Huey.” My first attempt at weathering incorporating a combination of pastels and silver colored pencil.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses to 1:48 ANG UH-1 “Huey”

  1. Looks like a Huey to ME….helicopters can be “fiddly” to build. Good job.

  2. Madre de dios! Doesn’t this look familiar? Where’s the red dirt, dust, and humidity? That and the constant whopwhopwhoop in the bass tones. Ah, Vietnam in a box! Hmmm… nah! Too intense.
    One hopes we aren’t having mystery meat and dehydrated potatoes, again?

  3. I didn’t know the Air Force has green helis, those are usually Army NG.

  4. Looks good. Photos are a bit grainy to see the detail clearly, but for a first attempt at weathering you did good not to overdo it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Mike, glad to have you onboard at iModeler, we sure would love to see more helicopters! What kit is this?
    Watch out with weathering – its addictive and a hobby in itself 🙂 Good luck

  6. Neat looking helicopter, Mike, looking forward to seeing more.

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