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1:48 Wessex HAS.MK 3

An out of the box build (Revell-Germany) of a British Wessex Helicopter of the Royal Navy. I model this after the helios used in the Falkland war. The original airframe is based on the Sikorsky S-58 (H-34) and subsequently licensed to Westland Aircraft in which they added the variant turbine engine power plants. For the purist this Revell model kit is not true to the actual helicopter as the landing gear and wind screen canopy are wrong. I think that the model company repurposed their H-34 kit and just change the front engine fuselage door assembly. I believe that there are some aftermarket parts available that would remedy this.

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12 responses to 1:48 Wessex HAS.MK 3

  1. Looks close enough for “government work”….! 🙂

  2. Thanks Craig! For the most part I build for my self to provide “eye candy” on the shelf…! As I get older the vision has suffered so the builds look more detailed than I think. I’ve noticed from your site you have quite an impressive collection with some pretty good eye candy yourself! Would like to see you repost that Custom’s Blackhawk to take a closer look…Tough build If it’s an Acedemy model, I’ve built it myself…Oh those damn seats in the back compartment… 😉

  3. Yes, Mike….that was indeed the Academy kit – I say ‘was’, because, unfortunately, I suffered my own “Blackhawk down” some months ago. I will, however, build another one one day soon – but not likely in the Homeland Security scheme again (I don’t even remember where I got those decals).

  4. Always nice to see a rotary build for a change. As Craig mentioned, a true ‘government issue’ craft, albeit RAF (same parameters apply).

    • Rob, did I get the livery service color wrong…I wasn’t paying much attention when referencing color. At the time I was more interested in a color that appealed to me as I was building for myself, “eye candy” one might say.

  5. rather than Revell’s Frankenstein version of the Westland Wessex, you would be much better going for the Italeri version.

    Its a recent mould and actually looks like a Wessex!

    • Thanks for the head’s up! I did indeed take a look at it and it’s brilliant. So much so that it may compel me to do a build. I’m going to say that the detail is spot on and simply rivals any other kit out there(!), right down to the flattened landing wheels.
      Assume that you spent some air time on the Wessex with your service in the Army. Cheers mate and thank you for the info.

  6. Looks good! Always thought this was one of the more interesting looking rotary wing rides!

  7. It’s more or less a re-purposed Sikorsky H-34 outfitted by a licence British Aerospace Company (Westland) with turbine engines. That accounts for the unusual nose of the helicopter as they had to jam two engines into it. I also suspect that the CG changed with the reconfiguration forcing them to put the power-plants further out into the airframe. The build unfortunately is not true to form as the landing gear, windscreen window treatment and other sundry details are not right… Mark Poulton further up in the responses turn me on to a better kit by Italeri Model company. This kit is stunning in the details!

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