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1/72 Bf 109 G-6, Me 262 A-1A, Fw 190 D-9

December 8, 2015 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.7K

For something different, I thought I'd post a collection of German fighters I built quite a few years ago. These were all built before I did anything other than just finishing them out of the box, slapping on some paint, and putting on a stand. In other words, I didn't do any seam-filling, no putty work, no panel wash or weathering, no added pilots - nothin'! (except the aerials). Which is why you aren't going to see lots of close-ups of them - nothing exciting to see! I think of these as a portrait of the evolution of my skill as a modeler - "this was his early 'just get it added to the collection' phase."

I also was in the habit back then of finishing in semi-gloss as an attempt to make the details stand out better. However, as I ran into trouble with Model Masters changing paint formulas, it got harder to brush paint and eliminate brush marks, so that came back to bite me! (These are photographed far enough away that you can't see the brush marks...)

The 109 was an kit, the 262 from , and the 190 from .

I'll post another similar collection of early British jets in a few days.

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11 responses

  1. Nice presentation! 🙂

  2. Hastily assembled or not, they look pretty good from here.

  3. Just slapped the paint on, eh Greg? This must be a new technique that has to be explained!

  4. It is nice to see where you came from building wise. We do like to see your stuff as always, Greg.

  5. Planes on a pole, what's not to like. My first attempts at modeling after sitting out for many years were given to my grandson to play with and ultimately break. Inexpensive kits but I learn a lot thru trail and error. Hand brushed, hey that's how they were done when we were kids, but who cared it was fun.

  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    I will be honest here Greg. After seeing these ... you have left me with the desire too see more. These look great, no matter how many years ago they were done. I hope to see more, it would be nice too have a WW2 aircraft in this mode, keeps a uniformity. Nice work.

  7. Greg, Nothing wrong here, they look good, I'm personally kind of attracted to the 109. I like the fine display you have here. I also like the base's. Simple, but very neat.

  8. These all look good to me Greg. I like the mottle on the 262 in particular. Nice job!

  9. Thanks for these Greg - nice to see. I like the me 109 I am wrestling with that kit myself at the moment. Cheers

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