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Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk 1

This is the old tooling of Airfix’s Mk 1 Hurricane. I chose to model it “in flight” and mounted the aircraft on a clear plastic pole. The base is a fence post top covered with model railroad static grass. Mostly the kit was built out of the box with the exception of: pilot fgure pinched from an Airfix Spitfire; scratch built landing lights; anti glare panels from scap plastic sheet; and wingtip lights from sprue. The decals are an AM set, i can’t remember whos! The aircraft modelled is from 85 Squadron based at Castle Camps in August 1940, and was lost in action on the Hardest day 18 August at the height of the Battle of Britain. I made prop “blur” from food packaging but am unsure as to how effective this is. One shot shows the model without (its detachable). Feel free to comment!

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14 responses to Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk 1

  1. Nice work on this venerable kit. I think there’s a company now that actually markets ‘prop blur’ devices, but yours has the right look too.

  2. A lot of innovation involved there, Gregor…the ‘fence post’ base, the gear posed as retracting, plus all the other scratch-built items mentioned. Rob’s right about the after-market prop blur item, but IMO, doesn’t look that much different from your homemade one. Speaking of which, explain what “food packaging” material was used (came out pretty good).

    • Thanks Craig, glad you like it. The food packaging is just the kind of clear plastic “window” you get on some precooked food stuffs from the supermarket. I drew a circle around the prop to get the correct diameter then cut it out with scissors, black paint gives the “blur”.

  3. Cool presentation, I defintely like it! The prop blur effect is patently difficult to make convincing, and yours is every bit as good as any commercial offering out there and indeed, probably as good as it gets. Good work

  4. Great looking Hurricane! I like the weathering, and as I build mine exclusively “wheels up,” I appreciate your version.

    I experimented with mounting a couple of mine without prop blades visible (like the one pic here), but decided that I would just mount them with props on, as if the image were a “frozen in time” pic while in flight. Although you did a great job with the home made prop blur effort, most of these still look a bit too distracting to me. I’ve also seen the round plastic disk painted with a trace of color to represent the painted prop tips, but again, it seemed to distract more from the focus on the aircraft itself. Just my personal preference, but thought you might appreciate the comments from another “wheels up” builder.

    • Hi Greg, thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I was unsure about the prop blur so i made them detachable, and i understand how you think it detracts from the outline of the aircraft. I was looking to do something different with it and the prop blur was part of that.

  5. Great build Gregor mate.
    As above a very convincing moving prop , as good as any A/M bits out there.
    Nicely presented as well to add.
    Well done mate.

  6. ๐Ÿ™‚ … Greetings … ๐Ÿ™‚ :
    Gregor …thank you, I just enjoy seeing this one, this is what modeling is and should be … FUN.

  7. Looks like your Hurricane has scored a “bulls eye” here, Gregor. I, too, think your spinning effect is as good as it gets, and I like your presentation a lot.

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