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Festive greetings and other.

As it is this time of year I/we The Good Lady Rose, wish all a happy and peaceful time, and that the models keep coming.Thanks to Martin and the backroom boys for a great site.
Also a shot of our work space, the bay window in our front room.
Luckily Rose builds to.

Here is to the New Year.

Simon and Rose.

12 responses to Festive greetings and other.

  1. My best to you and your lady, Simon….but remember, drink responsibly! 🙂
    As for myself, I never mix spirits and plastic. I mess up enough without any assistance. 🙁

  2. I love it a bottle of Jack and some plastic. Two of life’s pleasures in one place. I was given a huge Star Wars mug and a bottle of “2Gingers” Irish Whiskey for the holiday. But, the mug and the bottle will not be entering any modeling space…I have enough problems sipping water and modeling. Great photo to remind us of ones blessings in life. Any time I can go on line and see other modelers work is a blessing.

  3. Very nice and the best to you and the Good Lady Rose Simon.
    So….. when she hears plastic slammed against the wall…
    Does she come in and say.. “I think you’ve had enough Honey”
    OK, I couldn’t resist that one.
    I’ll raise a toast to a great and happy year of fun modeling! What say Ye?
    California Steve

  4. A Happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours!

  5. Nice picture, Simon, wish I could share that bottle with you…….. Save some for New Year!

  6. Ahh the drink after mission ! We wish you a happy new years as well and greetings to Lady Rose !

  7. Happy New Year to you also! I usually need black coffee to accompany me at the modeling desk…

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