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I Can Play Too! Workbench/Mancave 2015-2016

December 27, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 28 · 1.9K

Some of these photos I posted here about two and one half years ago in the "Mancaves" category. There have been some slight changes to my workbench and mancave since then so I figured I would get in with this workbench trend.

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  1. Waaaaaayyy too neat. Bookshelves are a bit better. Happy New Year.

    • I remember this area from a couple of years ago (or so) on the man cave thread- the area looked the same then.?

      • As I already stated above, some of the photos were orinally posted two and one half years ago. The only things that have changed were the desk which received a wooden desk organizer from Micromark and the red tool cabinet which someone was throwing out. Other than that ,everything is the same.

  2. You can't fool "neatened up" before grabbing the camera, didn't ya?

  3. Happy new year, Seamus, nice work space.

  4. I really feel like a slob now when I use my man-cave. Oh well, spring cleaning is not that far away. Like your space.

  5. Honestly, the only time this room gets messy is during a modeling session. When i am done doing what it is I am doing, I clean everything up. I am not Felix Unger or anal retentive, it is just that my mancave is too small a space to afford to get it cluttered.

  6. Suspiciously clean...however, I do agree with Seamus. I only have a corner so I have to keep things tidy and clean.

  7. Jameson and brass knuckles. Interesting combination for the bench.

    • Aside from modeling, I also use my mancave for whiskey sipping and cat napping. The knuckle duster, a remnant of my misspent youth, is now relegated as a paper weight althought I do show it to a solicitor now and again as a way of saying "Sod Off"!

  8. Nice and full post and whiskey for a steady hand ...

  9. Seamus, It looks so comfortable mate, still Fallopian free?
    I like the use of the mechanics tool caddy.

    • Still Fallopian free with the exception of my daughter who has taken to building snap-tite kits and feels because of that, she deserves her one square foot of workspace on my desk.

  10. Great use for Craftsman tool cabinets!

    • The grey Craftsman cabinets I got on sale for $99.00 at my local Ace hardware store. The red cabinet was being thrown out by one of my neighbors. Too good of a cabinet to let it go for rubbish.

  11. Nice and tidy workbench Seamus, very organised like mine 🙂

  12. Seamus,
    Nice to see the man cave in tidy order and well "stocked". I could use a pair knuckle dusters to keep my teenage sons out of my man cave! Also, looks like your BOB project is as far along as mine (109E-4)-maybe some day I'll find the time to finish mine off.

  13. God bless the work!
    Love the skull wearing the feldmutze, or whatever.
    The Hurri looks good!

  14. Believe it or not, the skull is actually a plastic model kit that I did for a school project and kept for all these years. His name is Yorick. The Luftwaffe feldmutze is one of many souvenirs my father brought back from the WWII and eventually gave to me.

  15. Seamus. I think its great, and you probably do what I do. That is: once a project is done I do a bench cleaning to make sure I don't get too cluttered. Come to think of it. I usually clean up a bunch of times during a project. That's because I'm sure I'm not the only one that's dropped a part that's bounced into abyss of clutter on the work bench.

  16. I feel so unmanly! No skulls, no brass knuckles, no manly tool cabinets, no booze, no vice grips, no photo of a pretty girl in a bikini, no manly wood paneling, no library of manly subjects. I am not worthy to be in your company! WAIT! there is no paint spattered on the nice wood paneling? I say the whole thing is photo shopped!
    Nice try Seamus,
    And have a great New Year.
    Boy you thought you could fool the Steve... Tee Hee hee!

  17. Easily explained. This room is for assembly only. With the exception of some minor brush painting, all paint mixing and airbrushing is done in the basement where I have my spray booth and exhaust fan set up. I also keep that area pretty clean also.

  18. Oh Great! Now I need a manly assembly room, and a manly paint basement. Just messing with you Seamus..
    Very nice setup.

  19. Wall paneling! You are the man...

    Does the bar slide out from under the bench when you touch the secret switch?

  20. Wall paneling is an Irish thing. Sort of like how Italian people cover their furniture in clear plastic/vinyl, Irish folk love wood paneling. One of my best buds (also Irish) even paneled his bathrooms. As far as a sliding bar with a secret switch, no, but now that you have given me the idea...

  21. Seamus, thinking drinks cart, or footlocker that turns into a bar.
    That paneling comment is one I'll never forget. I've often wondered why I like the stuff. I was in an attorneys offices years ago, and his was done up in used barn siding. Gave me a turn, I can tell you... He was quite pleased with the effect, me, not so much. At least I didn't whinney.

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