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ProModeller 1/48 P-47N

December 23, 2015 · in Aviation · · 18 · 3K

When I built a 1/72 Heller P-47N in my teenage years I was taken by the bright tail recognition markings of the aircraft in the kit. Later when I was building kits I knew I wanted a P-47N. I decided on the ProModeller kit- great instruction sheet- like a mini monograph on the P-47N, and two very interesting decal options. When I read the story of "Icky and me" I knew I wanted to build that particular aircraft, but there is only a 1/32 decal set of it- with no plans for 1/48. Getting over my disappointment, I looked around and stumbled on the decal sheet with "Glori Gal". After finding a wartime photo of the aircraft loaded for bear, I knew I wanted to build it. Studying photos, I could see that the kit tail stripes needed modification.

After building it out of the box (except for a scratchbuilt centerline bomb rack- made using photos) I painted it with Testors Aluminium Plate Buffing Metalizer. I brush coated with 6 layers of Future, then painted the OD antiglare shield, applied decals and sealed them in with more Future. I used the kit decal tail stripes on a coat of yellow, using Future to settle the decals down into the gaps in the empennage.

I am really glad to finally have a 1/48 P-47N.

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  1. Hello Dan...Very nicely done...I love the markings.

  2. Dan, fine looking T-bolt. Sure could tote a lot of ordnance, and probably a lot more comfortable on them long missions out of Iwo to the Home Islands.
    7 hours in a P-51, different story. Some of those folks needed help getting out of the cockpit when they got back.

    • Very interesting- I have often thought of fighter pilots doing long range missions for hours and hours on end and how it would affect them. Thanks for the kind comment.

  3. Nice model ! Congratulations.

  4. Nice-lookin' Jug, Dan...another favorite of mine. Good job!

  5. I've had a opportunity to build this has some awkward engineering. The wing is apart of a section of the lower fuselage... nothing near what Tamiya or Academy did with their Jugs. Then the landing gear has to be glued into the wing.Because, it was molded into the wing spar as one piece. It can't be saved for last so it doesn't get broken off. But,on the whole it can be built with TLC and is more accurate than the only other kit in 1/48 scale Academy's kit. Two thumbs up on this one Dan. I've never met a Jug I didn't like. Good neat finish and the load out of three bombs is different and adds more interest to the story line.

    • Thanks very much Stephen- not sure why Tamiya didn't want to do an N- they put out the other versions!
      I was glad for the kit not being as tightly designed or as "fine" as Tamiya or Hasegawa- it left the "preciousness" of such kits out of the equation. A bit of elbow grease and careful building and the kit can look good in the end.
      Merry Christmas to you.

      • Love it. I wish Tamiya would have taken their P-47M, added new wings and some inserts to take care of the relocated main gear wells because everything else you need to do an N was in that kit.

        • Yeah Mike, similar for the F4F-3, with some additional fiddling (and investment) they could have made an F4F-3, FM-1, and wtih a new fuselage in addition to the other parts for the previous marks, an FM-2!
          Then, there is the fact that Tamiya could have had a folding wing for their AD-6!
          Thanks for the comment!

  6. Merry Christmas Dan, nice finish on the Jug, didn't know that the Pro-modeller/Monogram P-47N panel lines were engraved. I always thought it was a rebox with upgrades of the P-47D. Nice to know though the P-47D is still a good kit with raised panel lines. Nice scheme and warload. Thanks for sharing

  7. Very nice build and done

  8. Great looking T-bolt. P-47's are like Phantoms to me - they just look like the mean business and can bring the brute force!

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