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Up Front

"Corp'l Ginnis 'an his Very pistol will now contribute th' Star 'o Bethlehem."

(image and text copyright Bill Mauldin)

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  1. The only cartoonist who had his heels locked by Patton!
    To his credit, the Gen didn't slug him, nor he the Gen.
    His "300 mile detour" cartoon probably caused the "interview".

  2. Ah yes..."Willie and Joe" - I remember them well (wish I still had the book).

  3. Rob, great post! Bill Mauldin was a cartoonist on our hometown newspaper the Chicago Sun-Times. During his tenure here he created some very compelling and thought provoking cartoon commentaries. We had another great cartoonist that worked at the rival paper, Chicago Tribune (approximately same time), Dick Locher. Incidentally he also was a very accomplished illustrator whom also created box top art for the Monogram Model company. His artwork was an inspiration to me. While picking up my assignments from Monogram I had an opportunity to see his work and other great illustrators as it graced the walls of their offices. As a commercial artist having the opportunity to work for the same company was a thrill and honor of a lifetime.

  4. I have a 1945 edition of the book "Up Front" in my collection, given to me by my aunt when I was quite a bit younger. Didn't appreciate it much until I aged a little. It's on the shelf next to my copy of Ernie Pyle's "Brave Men."

  5. Rob - I'm sensing your posting this indicates a subconscious desire to create a diorama... Shall we see it soon? (you should - oh I really think you should!)

  6. Bill Mauldin was held in such high esteem that the 340th Bomb groups 487th squadron painted up three or four of their B-25's with his cartoon images for their aircraft. Make sure you scroll down this sight it has lots of photos ...

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