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Work benches, eh?

I challenge thee, iModelers, to show me a sloppier more disorganized bench. The saving grace to this IKEA unit is the tabletop folds up, and having 5 cats and a kitten (model destroyers) in the house, it must be folded when not in use. So I am FORCED to have a modicum of work area when i’m at the bench.

16 responses to Work benches, eh?

  1. Ever thought of just closing the door to the room?😄

  2. I suppose you could add a shelf that could give you some more room?

  3. Well, at least you have a permanent work space, some of us have to use the living/dining room table and clear away after every modelling session!

  4. I would SHOW you a sloppier, unorganized bench, but 1) I’m not presently at MY computer and therefore have no access to my photos and 2) …. I think you may have me beat. 🙁

  5. Thanks Bill, That shot of your workbench gives me great joy and a big smile in knowing I’m not alone when it comes to a modeling work space. I keep telling myself that the important thing is the quality of the finished model, not the ‘ingredients’ that made it possible. Keep on keeping on !!!

  6. Brings back memories of my first apartment.

  7. I can’t think of any better use for such a small amount of space!

  8. Bill you deserve some type of award. How one produces such good looking models in such clutter is truly a master builder.

  9. Yeah, Bill! Now that’s what a modelers work area looks like! Or, what I’m used to, anyhow. With the cats, I can understand why you have to put it away. Cute, but deadly!

  10. Hey Bill,
    Have any of the cats been super glued to the table? Just kidding. My work table is in a garage, an old Khulmann Drawing board, so my mess is yours times 2.
    Cheers mate, keep up the great builds.

  11. Nah, give a cat a kit box lid smaller that it is, and they’ll curl up in it. That, or walk across the keyboard or your work area at an inoportune time in a shameless ploy for attention! Whilst leaving the invisible cloud of fur! Whatta deal! Every modeling home should have one!

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