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My workbench.

My workbench is in my work/hobby/training room. The workbench has three stations. The computer station, where I do a lot of other work as well, the building station and the painting station. This also means that I have room to invite two fellow modellers to an informal build meet, which I can really recommend.

The bench is higher than a normal table, 90 cm, about the height of a kitchen bench. That means I don’t need to hunch when building, which saves my back and neck.

I just recently built the shelf above the bench. Behind the ledge, under the forward edge of the shelf, I installed LED lights with daylight colour. In the ceiling I have fluorescent lamps with daylight colour as well. It was really a major improvement of my workshop to install those lamps.

I keep most of my tools and my paints in drawers, and I try to keep the workbench as uncluttered as possible. Otherwise handling fairly large ship models would be a bit difficult. Also there are no tools on the wall behind the bench. Having torn down a few masts of my ship models while reaching for tools on the back wall, that’s something I learned the hard way. Note also the reference books on a music stand beside the bench and the tripod for the camera, to document the build.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses to My workbench.

  1. Looks like IKEA is your friend😀

  2. Very neat and organized, Ulf – you’re making the rest of us look bad. 🙁

  3. Very nice Ulf, and no where for the “carpet monster” to hide either.

  4. Looks like a catalog photo for Ikea. One of those perfect pic’s with good lighting and space…man cave is out of the question. Studio comes to mind.

  5. Way to neat for me……I couldn’t build there because I wouldn’t want to make a mess.

  6. WAY too neat. Fail. Just jealous. Obviously based on your work, you are doing something right. 🙂

  7. Really nice Ulf, I see a lot of model experience is reflected in this room, from your lighting, bench height, drawers and the hard floor (for those hands and knees times looking for parts).
    For the modelers looking for pointers, here’s a bunch !

  8. I’d hate to show you what MY work area looks like :o\

  9. A neat desk is the sign of a sick mind. 🙂

  10. Man – I’m jealous! Look at all that room….!

  11. Ulf….well-done set-up, Ulf, but how can you possibly glue-up & paint-up models in such a pristine environment?


    • I put an ordinary cutting mat on the bench when I build and if you look more closely, you’ll see that the bench at the painting station is covered with cardboard. Also, the bench is starting to show a bit of wear and tear, glue- and paintstains after being used for three years. That goes for the floor too.

  12. Thanks all of you!
    The general neatness is actually something that has come with time.
    I grew up in a chaotic home and learned to hate it. What you see is the counter reaction.

    • That makes a lot of sense. There’s more than a few of us who have lived lives of counter-reaction. The Original Creative Genius In His Field always wanted to be a writer, and couldn’t get closet than 95%. He was my biggest fan when he saw the first two movies I wrote.

  13. Tom, I love the title. I’m going to have some cards printed with that on it. “Original creative genius in his field” That should get me instituitionalized fairly rapidly. Well played, Sir! Made my whole day. I’m off to shovel some more, back here in the eastern snowmageddon!

  14. nice set up Ulf – i’m sure I could mess it up given a couple of days!
    The music stand is a nice touch – means you can check references easily without getting glue paint etc on them. You seem to have plenty of natural daylight in the photo – nice sunny room always helps.Well organised you’ve clearly got it how you want it Congratulations

  15. Man, where’s all your stuff?!?! Just kidding, I so admire such a neat, organized work space. Beautiful Ulf!

  16. very nice place to make models, congrats..

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