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Revell’s 1/32nd scale Heinkel He 111 P-1

This is my first completed build for 2016 – the 1/32nd scale Heinkel He 111 P-1 from Revell.

I started this back in the summer of 2015 as a ‘pick it up and do a bit as you fancy it’ build, and I’ve been working on it on and off for the last 6 months or so.

I have built it more or less out of the box, but I did add some Eduard detailing for the seatbelts and instruments etc, as well as some brass barrels for the guns as the kit’s are undersized.

It was an absolute joy to build and went together beautifully – very little filler was needed and it proved to be a completely trouble-free project. The only tricky and more time consuming part was the extensive glazing which required careful masking and painting both inside and out. All that glass and no protection ‘up front’ makes you realise how exposed these chaps were when a fighter sprayed that area – it doesn’t bear thinking about the carnage that would ensue in the nose when under attack.

Xtracolour enamels were used throughout, with the kit decals also being used which were flawless. The swastika was not included so this was sourced from an Xtradecal sheet, and the whole paint job was finished off with a spray of Humbrol flat varnish.

If you’re thinking of venturing into larger scale models I’d heartily recommend this kit – it was an absolute joy. It’s also BIG – the He 111 is considerably larger than I had anticipated (span of just over 74ft) and not much smaller than a B-17. Make sure you leave plenty of shelf space!



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10 responses to Revell’s 1/32nd scale Heinkel He 111 P-1

  1. Very, very nice work, Tom….markedly better than the one I did a few years back. Excellent work, sir.

  2. Extra nice looking 111, Tom. I always like the design of this aircraft with its swept back wings and streamline design, ahead of its time period I’m sure. Looks great !

  3. Nice one Tom. Good job on the paint & photography.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration to pull mine off the shelf and finish it up.

  5. Nice job Tom, really like the paint job.

  6. Very nice! Looks like it would have been fun to build (though not to have to find shelf space for! Viva la 1/72 scale!!).

  7. I’ve looked at these Revell kits a couple of times, but, really, I haven’t got the space, but, you’ve proved those good reviews are correct, and made a great job of it

  8. I did the Battle of Britain version when it came out – good kits these, and yours looks the business.

  9. Nice work! That’s a lot of plastic.

  10. A beautiful job indeed Thomas, superb paintwork and amazing glazing! I have one of these (alongside the JU88A-1), and I bought a shed-load of aftermarket resin etc for it. I just don’t have the space at the moment so will get my teeth into it one of these days!

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