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Suggestion for a mini theme, post your favorite…

Post pics of your favorite builds from the different types you build, for example aircraft, armor automobiles. I’ll start. I don’t build many cars, but my favorite is this re-pop of the classic Monogram Snake Funny Car. I have the Mongoose also, but the Snake was always my favorite, once long ago I had the Hot Wheels set as well. Next my Albatross, probably my all time favorite build, then the USS Wilkes (only ship in my collection though I plan a USS Constellation at some point) lastly Dragons Smart Panther. So lets see yours!

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to Suggestion for a mini theme, post your favorite…

  1. That yellow livery really pops against the blue mat. Nice touch.

  2. I remember doing that whole line of F/C kits by Revell….”Jungle Jim”, “Chi-Town Hustler” – the list is endless.

  3. Yeah, I loved all those kits. I liked Monogram kits like the Snake better than Revell because they were less fiddly.

  4. I’ll join in here. My favourite anything changes from day to day but at this moment these are the ones that jumped into my mind:

    — Image [pic1] not found —

    BAC Vedette. A ‘what if’ long range reconnaissance aircraft based on the Concorde.

    — Image [pic2] not found —

    WWI. Eduard Bristol Fighter because I made it go together!

    — Image [pic3] not found —

    Diorama. Captured Dornier entitled “They want it flying by when!” Beautiful Tamiya kit.

    — Image [pic4] not found —

    Armour. Dragon Hummel SPG. Heavy metal!

    — Image [pic5] not found —

    Floaty boaty. Schnellboot by Revell Abandoned in 1945.

    — Image [pic6] not found —

    Super-detailing fave. Revell Ventura with interior, ‘inspired by’ the original.

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