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Year in Review – 2015

I always think I'm getting more done than I really am, and was surprised when I looked back at the 2015 completions - until I remember the work it took to finish the Stinger and the ! I remember when I was a kid I'd build a model on a Saturday - start to finish. However, I do enjoy increasing my skill set and learning to work with new mediums and techniques, and striving to get a more realistic finish vs. something that looks more like a toy.

First finish for 2015 was the - built from the Academy kit.

Next up was the Academy

Then the two looooong builds - the Testor/Italeri AC-119K Stinger gunship

and the Revell MiG-31 .

Last finish of the year was the Airfix

I'm almost done with my two Soccer War Corsairs - one Honduran and one El Salvadoran - I have to say they are two of my favorite builds to date (if I don't ruin the El Salvadoran one getting it to the end zone!) Still got a partially-built 101 on the bench that I started middle of last year, and I've just started a Trumpeter JH-7A Flying Leopard - and have decals on the way for a Korean War Skyraider.

May your 2016 be rich with family, friends, and excellent builds!

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  1. Excellent builds, one and all, Greg...a nice year's work indeed.

  2. Greg, it's quality not quantity, I really appreciate your great yearly work.

  3. They all look great Greg! One question, How do you get text between your pictures like that? All I ever seem to be able to do is load all the pics and write up text in a long passage.

    • What you do is upload all the pictures first. Then you'll notice they are each listed with a pic number in brackets, like this: Bracket-pic1-closebracket, without the dashes. (I had to spell it out, because even in the reply, if I type it exactly as I'm suppose to, it shows the picture and not the type!).

      To insert the picture inline with text, simple put that designation where you want it to show up in the text. The site will then pull that picture out of the line up and insert inline with text. Any pictures that you don't insert inline will remain as thumbnails to be viewed as normal.

  4. Nice work! I especially like the Magister.

  5. Just to let you guys know that Greg is a hairy stick man and all that superb finish is all hand painted. I have been seeing his builds in the "flesh" for about the past four years and they are extremely stunning to see.
    Your stuff always amazes me , Greg.

  6. Great stuff, Greg, looking forward to seeing more in 2016!

  7. Greg, great collection, I really like the Harvard.

  8. All fantastic builds, Greg and well presented !

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