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QF-104A Starfighter Drone

March 16, 2016 · in Show Reports · · 22 Comments

Not a show report as such, but our club had its Aircraft Competition night and my mate Tug brought in this beautiful ( ), in the livery of a drone in faded DayGlo, which I wanted to share with you.

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22 responses

  1. A most excellent rendition... my compliments to Tug for a job extremely well done.

  2. Rob, that looks really nice, great job on it.

  3. Rob, that faded dayglo is outstanding! Eyecatching, and well done.

  4. That's well done. Very impressive electronics bay.

  5. You can almost smell the jet fuel and hydraulics. Wow!

  6. The base looks very realistic. Is it pieces of art board cut out and then pieced together with the seams? the paint job is great.

    • For the model itself, it's all out of the box with exception of the wheels, as the kit wheels/ hubs weren't great. The base is a single section carefully painted.

      He's also set the runway sections so they're skewed from the right angles of the base frame, which adds a dynamic quality.

  7. Most impressive! Thanks for posting this. Something I should try with my stash of F 104's

  8. Lovely build , OBB nearly, but shows what can be done.

  9. Really gorgeous - and a great idea on skewing the alignment of the tarmac to the base - you're right, it adds another dynamic to the display! Give him my congrats!

  10. I think you should persuade your mate Tug to join iModeler, we want to see more!

    • He actually spends more of his time with model engineering - making working steam engines and the like, in small scale. For those of you lamenting that you're too old to do proper modelling anymore, Tug is 70.

  11. The down side of being on the net is that you can't be up front and personal and see the real thing. This build is out standing are there any more photos Rob?

  12. WOW factor here. This is just wonderful work of art ! Love everything about this build. You my friend are awesome for building my favorite jet !

    Cheers Brian

  13. Wow. Tug has some exceptional talent. -104 drone an unusual subject.

  14. Absoluteluly realistic ! I'am building a belgian version of the 104G and this one shoult inspire me.
    Thank you Rob for sharing this beautiful job.

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