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Technikmuseum Speyer

March 1, 2016 · in Uncategorized · · 10 ≡

In Speyer, not far from Mannheim and Heidelberg in the south western part of Germany, there is a great museum of technology, that I was unaware of until just recently.

I got the tip from my German ship modeling pals and we took the opportunity to visit it on our way home from the exhibition in Zeiskam.

It’s a traditional museum of Technology, only its BIG. Several large halls of vehicles, both civilian and military plus an outdoor exhibition.
In the first hall here were two Fokker Triplanes, one real one and one replica. There was a Me 109 G4, the first Gustav I’ve seen and the remains of a Me 110. Of course, there were cars and other vehicles including a bike with steel springs as tires. The music, you could sometimes hear, was played by a mechanic orchestra.

The outdoors exhibition included a Jumbojet that had been largely stripped inside, so that you could see the structure of it. There was also a walkway, that allowed you to walk out on the wing.

The hall with space technology, included a Space Shuttle and Soyuz module.

I had a long drive home to Berlin ahead of me, so I could only spend a little more than an hour in the museum, but what I saw really made me want to come back.
If you are traveling in southern Germany, northern France or Belgium, it’s definitely worth the time to spend a day at the Speyer Technik Museum. I will, next time I’m there.

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  1. Looks like a great place to wander about...thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. While on a river cruise I had the opportunity to visit this museum….it was an amazing visit and very memorable,... certainly one of the highlights of my trip.

  3. A 747 as a pole sitter, Amazing museum.

  4. Great report! The Kettenkraftrad made me to take a look at what you had written. Late war time production... I´d say both Fokkers are replicas as no known triplane has survived. You didn´t go to the Sinsheim musum while you were in the neighbourhood ? Concorde and Tu-144 on the roof. Your re-location to central Europe is certainly having many benefits.

    • The Fokker on the photo here is a replica. The other one on display was hard to photograph, but according to the museum it's a real machine.
      There was no time for the Sinsheim museum, but it's on the list. I't a pretty long list by now...

      • Hmmm, I think they mean it´s a flying replica, thus a "real" machine, not just a static full scale model. There are no survivors, last went to the Big Aerodrome in the Sky in the 1930´s. Swedish aviator Mikael Carlson built one to original specifications, including a vintage Oberursel engine. Only a few bits remain at some museums of any original Dr.1. Watch Mikael fly his Fokker

  5. My kind of place. Great variety of subjects superbly maintained.

  6. Thanks Ulf some great stuff here - I might have to plan a trip...

  7. Thanks for sharing that! Awesome place- I hope to get to Germany one day to visit it.
    One question, I thought the display of the Swastika was forbidden in Germany (not allowed in model kits for example)- I assume there is an allowance for a Historic aircraft or AFV?

    • You're right. The swastika is forbidden. When I exhibit models with swastikas, I have to censor them. The exception to the rule is historical objects in museums.

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