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Trumpeter 48th F-106B

A long time back, before the B-model was available, I’d done the Monogram F-106A in a NASA NMF scheme (see attached). When the Trumpeter “B” came out, I told myself I was gonna try to replicate one of my favorite photos (also attached) of the Mercury 7 in front of their -106. Well, I cobbled together what decals I could in order to come as close as possible to the famous pic. I even contemplated trying to do “the pose” with seven pilot figures. Not only did I have little/no luck finding appropriate poses and correct garb,and had I found something to use, I would have probably thought better of it since I suck at painting figures. At any rate, here it is, in all it’s [un-glorious] splendor. Now it’s on to the F-4 group build kicked off by Greg – I think I can “get her done” by the deadline…..this one (pic).

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37 responses to Trumpeter 48th F-106B

  1. Craig, always enjoy a nice 106, I still remember seeing these being flown by our local ANG when I was a kid. I really like the yellow on the canopy frame. Is that painted on ?

  2. Very, very nice, Craig. Your stuff always inspires.

  3. Those are looling great Craig!
    California Steve

  4. OK Looking not looling.. Been a long week.

  5. Great looking bird

  6. Beautiful build, beautiful bird. Sixes would occasionally fly into NAS Oceana Va. I think they were out of Langley AFB.

  7. Craig, fine build! Is there a weapons bay, as on the Monogram, with missiles? I always found two seat versions of Century Series fighters appealing. And not usually kitted, either.

  8. Undoubtedly the most beautiful interceptor that ADC / NORAD had in its inventory. I think Convair did a much better job with the two seater F 106 than with the F 102 two seater monstrosity. You did an awesome job on this kit. Well done!!! Good luck with that F 4.

  9. Nicely done Craig…both the Darts look fine and the natural metal finish on the ‘A’ looks quite authentic. Good photography too !!

  10. Great job Craig, looking good!

  11. Nice work, Craig!

  12. Very neat work, Craig, and it’s a very sleek looking plane, especially the two seater version, your paintwork brings out the lines of the prototype beautifully.

  13. Nice work Craig. If you find some figures that work, I volunteer to paint one of them for you.

  14. Very nice Dart(s)! Love those century series birds. I like the two-seater. I’ve got a single in the stash, but not sure if I’ve seen the dual in 1/72.

  15. Nice pair, Craig. Keep up the good work.

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