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Academy 1/48th F-4C

The first entry of the group build that Greg started a while back. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at my first attempt at completely PE-ing the cockpit. Some of you may have seen the completed assembly elsewhere on the site. Then the “bad things” began to happen. The method described for fitting the cockpit into the fuselage simply didn’t work and a lot of plastic surgery was required to complete the process (resulting in some loss of details). I muddled through and got this thing together sooner than expected. It didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d envisioned, but it is what it is.

The aircraft depicted was flown by Lt. Col. Robert Titus and his RIO Lt. Milan Zimmer and was featured in the “Dogfights” episode entitled ‘Gun Kills of Vietnam’.

The camo pattern isn’t an exact match as shown in the instructions color plate for that aircraft, but it’s the best I could do using my “rattle can” method of achieving a feathered edge paint pattern. The extensive selection of stores may – or may not – be added at a later date, depending on my frame of mind when dealing with plastic of late. 🙁

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

29 responses to Academy 1/48th F-4C

  1. Craig, looking really good, despite the road to get there. Looks the business!
    And 3 MIGS, no less. “Worlds largest distributor of MIG parts”.

  2. An image of raw power. Great job.

  3. Craig she looks great. Thanks for the heads up on the cockpit difficulties as I am going to try to put the Aires cockpit into the Academy kit. I am already anticipating major plastic and resin surgery. Your F 4’s rattlecan finish looks good. Well done!!!

  4. Excellent work Craig!

  5. Craig, somehow you always seem to get good results using the old rattle. Nice work here. I miss having these things fly over my house, although our current issue of F-15s is pretty cool, and “yes” I remember that episode of Dogfights !

  6. Wow – first one across the finish line! You get great results with your rattle can method. Nice looking Phantom (II)!

  7. Thanks, Greg….but first [unfortunately] doesn’t always mean ‘best’.

  8. Nice work Craig, she looks great.
    Good work on the office, the PE looks fine.

  9. Good work. See, not so scary.

  10. Wow, first one finished, inspiration for the rest of us, and your cockpit looks fine from here. But (why is there always a but in life?), I thought the intention was that we would all post our models on the same date in August, or, did I misread the instructions? (it wouldn’t be the first time!).

  11. Nice work Craig! I better get cracking on my FG.1!

  12. Nice job mate, lovely cockpit!

  13. She looks nice Craig – shame if the cockpit spoiled your enjoyment ! – Go on do another one !

  14. as always I am truly impressed with your great spray can work Craig!
    and the cockpit too, yes indeed.

  15. WOW ! I even havn t open the box of my entry !
    Nice job, Craig. Well build and painted. The cockpit looks amazing.
    It looks a bit “naked” without ordnance.

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