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Monogram 48th scale Skyraider

This is the old boxing of Monogram’s “Tour of Duty” Skyraider (which I finally got a canopy for)…the kit had no decals, so I “winged” it (no pun intended). This was – if not painfully obvious – a ‘weekend build’, which wasn’t all that difficult…there’s not that many pieces (especially if one leaves off most of the stores as I chose to). The SEA camo is via the rattle can (what else?). Coulda been better I suppose, but I just felt like modelin’ these last two days.

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27 responses to Monogram 48th scale Skyraider

  1. Nice work Craig! An earlier version of this kit was the first model plane I built using the Testor’s “Finishing Center” that contained paints, a carousel, a “drop cloth” (complete with modeling tips!), a tube of plastic cement, “contour putty”, a hobby knife and “precision glue tips”. Thanks for the reminder of childhood!

    Your efforts on rattle canning a 1/48th scale plane are among the most successful I’ve seen out there. Have you ever considered using blue tac poster adhesive as a masking edge? It will enable you to tighten up the demarcation lines while still keeping them diffused enough to appear scale.

    Seriously superb work, Craig!

    • Thanks for those words, Frank. I’ve yet to use that ‘blue tack’ stuff. What’s worked for me was one of several methods over time. One is cutting sections of thin foam rubber (as found in some packaging) in various shapes and laying them in a sort of “pattern”. Another is the use of an old rag (T-shirt material) and arranging it to the desired shape. A third is using thick paper, such as an old greeting card, and ripping – not cutting – holes of varying sizes and spraying through the opening(s). All produce a sort of ‘feathered edge’ that, when done correctly, suits me well enough. I do, however, appreciate your continued input. Always room for improvement, for sure.

  2. Looks like a weekend well spent, Craig, glad you managed to get hold of a canopy to complete the model.

  3. Nice build, always thought for the money that was a sweet kit

  4. A rattle can master piece as usual. Well done!!

  5. Nice looking SPAD.

  6. Looking good! I’ve got my Skyraider lined up behind my F-4 for the group build, but man – I can’t build anything in a weekend!

    • Thanks, Greg…..truth be known, the assembly/painting/decaling was a “weekend” completion, but I did spend a little time 2 days beforehand (on and off) in preparation – taking the parts off the sprues and cleanin’ ’em up – if that counts. lol

  7. That splash of blue really lifts the build. Nice work.

  8. Nice and quick build Craig.
    Still a master of the “Rattle Cans”

  9. Craig,Nice work on an old classic. In reference to Franks comment: I have use a few different types of poster tac, and found that they all work pretty good. You simply roll it out like skinny sausage and press on in the proper shape. I personally like a brand called UHU take. Its seems to be a little softer and easier to use.

  10. Craig, great job on it. The VNAF usually did not have a lot of ordnance hung on their aircraft, and you got that. I see you even painted the pilot figure, which I recall is not something you look forward to doing. Looks like you did this one well!

    • Thanks for the response, Bernard….truth be known, I scrounged through my [mostly unpainted] pilots and found that one, so I used it. As far as the VNAF usually going sans stores, I only got that “right” because of laziness. 🙂

      • Craig, we call that serendipity! Feel free to use that one, once you get a beret and smock with paint spatters. Shazam!
        You can always hang a 750 lb. dumb bomb or two, which I think looks really warlike. Or some WW II leftover 500s, or a couple of rocket pods.
        I think the pilot figure that comes with their Skyraider is one of their better efforts. That, and the standing figure in the (ahem) flight cap with the helmet in his hand, with the F5s.

  11. Looking great, nice and clean. Congratulations, Craig 🙂

  12. The very first model I ever built (late 60’s, or 1970) was a Skyraider. My mother had to heat up a knife to melt the spindles to hold the landing gear wheels on. I doubt it looked as good as this one though LOL. But I still like these Skyraiders.

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