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1/72 Hobby Boss Mi 4 Hound (White 03)

May 25, 2016 · in Aviation · 22 · 2.2K

Finally got this finished, and she's a fairly long model, even in 1/72 scale. This is the second Hobby Boss chopper I've built, and I was a bit disappointed with the kit. The fit of the parts wasn't bad, but detail painting was absent in the instructions. There was also some problems with poor molding and brittle plastic. The end result is acceptable however, and I will proudly display it, along with the other 29 choppers I've built. I added some scratch details, and did some weathering. There is a "spares" engine behind those open vents, as well as some skeet shot for balance. Give it a squint and tell me what you think.

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  1. Ungainly looking creature! Nice work on the rotors and rotor head especially. When I first saw it was 1/72, I expected it to be small, but you are right - it has a large footprint!

  2. Nice result, Phil!

  3. Nicely finished...good to see a "whirly thing" now and then.

  4. Phil, one you don't see that often, and nicely done. KP had one, also. Lots of fun being the ventral gunner on one of those, I suspect.

  5. Well, whatever problems you had with this it's come out well, the extra detailing is great and so are the photographs.

  6. Good looking model Phil, did you take any pic's of the engine installation before you covered it up? I have a Kovozavody kit to build, would that be the same kit as the KP?

    • No I didn't photograph the engine. It wasn't correct and I put it in for extra weight as much as anything. Don't know about a comparison between the kits. Both of those brands are fairly rare in this neck of the woods. Thanks Allan !.

    • Allen, Kovozavody is the "K" of KP. Kovozavody Prostejev, I think. My Czech isn't, which is why I go with KP. Wonder what it actually means?

      Phil, they were'nt available here that much, though we actually had a brick and mortar Squadron Shop in the DC suburbs at one time. I'd look for things like this when I made a visit. My local shop got things, as well.

      Both are now gone.

      SOVBLOC had a lure of its own, since in them days all we had were drawing guesstimates and grainy photos taken at May Day parades. KP was a revelation, compared to the likes of VEB and RUCH.

  7. Phil, is there going to be a Steeleian Grand Helicopter Review sometime in the future?

    • No, I'd be hard pressed to find the time now, what with singing in the band and all. I barely had time to finish this one. But the local Apple Blossom Festival is this weekend. I'm going to watch the parade.

  8. Your helo rocks.

  9. Phil, I didn't have to squint to see that this is another fine build!

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