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Eduard 1/48 MiG-21PF – East German Air Force

Hi folks.

I finished it earlier in the year but I’ve only just got round to photographing it. I’d categorise this kit as my sanity build as it is a very simple airframe to assemble. Click fit and very easy to build otherwise. Paints are Gunze and decals are from the kit (East German Air Force). The only addition is the Eduard fabric seatbelts. I’m not conivnced by these yet. The only gripe I’d have with the kit is the number of stencils on it. You wouldn’t know looking at it but they number over 100. Anyway, hope you like it.


13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to Eduard 1/48 MiG-21PF – East German Air Force

  1. Excellent, great cockpit detail.

  2. Nice to see more pics of this one. Great job on a great kit.

  3. Nicely finished, Mick…you and Eduard have done well.

  4. Great build! Love the weathering – looks very convincing, and the details all look great as wells.

  5. I love kits with lots of stencils….this looks great….nice work.

  6. Mick, great MIG. I don’t see VDR markings that much, either. The scheme is easier(to me) than trying it with natural metal. What do you think about them Eduard cloth seatbelts? I like the IDEA, ’cause photoetch gives me qualms.

    • Thanks Bernard. The intention was to go NMF but a seam on the underside was giving me some grief so decided against it. I have the R kit to do and it will be done in NMF. Regarding the fabric seat belts, I think they’re a bit flat for this scale. I reckon you could get away with them in 72nd scale. If I were to use them again I’d probably back them with some foil so I can manipulate them into a more appropriate pose.

      Cheers, Mick

  7. A very good MIG-21, Michael. Especially what you did with the panel lines comes out very nicely.
    I got a MF on my work bench currently, also in an NVA scheme. Please see Work-in-progress section.

  8. Hi Michael,
    Very nice build- I have a few Mig-21’s in my stash, but wnt to get some more shelf of doom kits done before I open them! Can you let me know how you lit your kit to photograph it? Very nice photography too!

  9. Nice one Mick, well executed and photographed.

  10. Very subtle but effective finish on this Mig, yes, please tell us more about your lighting and photography!

  11. Thanks for the kind comments fellas. Apologies for the late response but I’ll try and explain my photo setup.

    My workshop is a small area so space is at a premium for any photography equipment. I use a small fold out bench that’s screwed to the wall next to my work bench. The table itself is about 500mm wide by about 350mm deep. I can clamp large stiff carboard sheets to it which increase the depth and width by almost half again. This is it ->

    To start with I use a Canon 60D with a standard 18-55 zoom lens. I shoot in RAW as it allows quite a lot of scope when it comes to editing the images in Lightroom. I usually shoot in either manual or aperture priority mode. In Av mode I’ll set an f stop of anywhere between f11-f16 (which gives good depth of field) and then let the camera work out the shutter speed. This usually ends up being a stop or two below the minimum hand held speed of 1/60th so I generally use a tripod with a shutter release. When I shoot in manual mode I’ll set a similar f-stop but adjust the shutter to overexpose by 1 and 1/3 stops of what the camera meter is reading. ISO is generally fixed at 100.

    Lighting is three articulated Ikea lamps loaded with 75W equivalent fluro bulbs that are bounced off the ceiling which allow for soft shadows. The background is just a curved piece of white cardboard (which should probably be replaced as it’s a bit grotty now)

    Some basic post editing is done in Lightroom to adjust exposure and contrast and a bit colour of vibrance and saturation. I also apply some sharpening to the image to crisp them up a bit. The lens is okay to a point but doing this makes the images pop a bit more.

    I hope that explains it. I’ve done a lot of tinkering with settings and the above I think would be a good starting point.

    If you have any other question let me know.


  12. Beautiful. And your photography is outstanding. I like your fold-down desk! Talk about making the best use of minimum space. Great job!

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