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Moson Model Show 2016 – Part 18 (ships)

As promised previously… in this very final gallery from the 2016 Moson Model Show let’s have a look at some of the maritime modeling from one of Europe’s favorite modeling events.

Feel free to comment on and discuss your favorites.

Don’t forget to check all the other other parts of this coverage from the 2016 Moson Model Show – additional galleries will be published during the day. If your are new to iModeler, feel free to register and add your own comment to this gallery.

40 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to Moson Model Show 2016 – Part 18 (ships)

  1. Some outstanding talent(s) abound at Moson…the wake effect on the USS Milius and Waddell are extremely well done! Thanks again for sharing all [well – ok, some] of your photos with us.

  2. After seeing all of the Moson photos, I’m tempted to try to plan a European vacation around the next contest. However, not sure that would go over with my wife! “All the way to Europe… to do WHAT?!”

  3. Good grief! Just when you think you’ve seen some outstanding items, here comes another buncha them! Group after group of artistry.
    Glad I’m just trying hard to be average.
    Just amazing work, in all categories.
    Thanks again for posting all this, and for taking the effort to take the photos.

  4. ‘Bout time you got to ships, just kidding, loved the Swift boat in dry dock.

  5. Seems the quality of the ship models has improved considerably since I was there in 2012. Must go back there and see how I do in this competition.
    Thanks for posting.

  6. Really nice work. I liked both Graf Spee’s.

  7. It must have been very difficult to choose which models to show us, there are obviously many fantastic examples there. Thanks again for posting these, Martin.

  8. Interesting group, and interesting too to see weathering on the ships to the degree shown here. We usually see clean builds on a water feature but these show something with a little more character.


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