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Sukhoi T-50 pak fa

This is the Hobbyboss 1/72 kit of the Russian prototype fifth generation fighter set to go into service in 2017.

The kit has some nice little touches such as a photo etch cockpit and pitot tube but was quite difficult to put together in places requiring a lot of filling and sanding. The main difficulty was getting the canopy on after fitting the cockpit tub, but this could have been my fault, I’m no expert!

The main point of the build was for a bit of practice on aircraft before I start assembling some of my larger scale jets. I do think they are a really cool plane but I can’t help but notice that the Russian and Chinese modern prototypes look alarmingly similar to the F-22! This might just be the end product of aerodynamics and the science of stealth dictating the shape of the aircraft, but could also be other nations sitting back and allowing the US to spend trillions on development, then pinching the design!

I added a metal landing gear that I got with it from the e-bay seller and also some Begemot decals. They look fantastic when down and in the right place but are definitely not easy to apply. Once again though, that’s just down to my inexperience and they are definitely the decal of choice for the master craftsman. If you have never used them I would recommend just using water to position them before applying the Micro Sol. Micro Set seemed a little bit too strong.

I used a mixture of paints for the finish. I used both Tamiya and Alclad for the exhausts and the Ammo by Mig SU-33 colour set for the fuselage. I’m not sure if it’s just my eyes, but the Mig colours in the bottle seem to be a bit off from how they look on the box…

Anyway, it definitely served as a learning curve. It’s not the tidiest build ever and the colour scheme is a bit off but I’m happy enough with the outcome, it could have been a whole lot worse!

Cheers for looking.

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26 responses to Sukhoi T-50 pak fa

  1. Fantastic job, Richard….I’d say you’re definitely ready to “move up”, as you put it, to your bigger jets. This one turned out beautifully. Love the paint scheme.
    And yes, the Soviets were almost always the ‘copycats’ of the business – and it DOES heavily resemble the F-22, doesn’t it!

  2. Looks great !! I’ve had good and bad luck with Hobbyboss, but it won’t make me shy away from the brand.

  3. Love the Sukhoi aircraft- just working on Trumpeter’s 1-32 Flanker G.

    This T50 looks the business.

  4. You did a stunning job on this Sukhoi brute. Have to give the Sukhoi design bureau credit for producing awesome looking fighters. Hope Hobbyboss turn this one into a 1/48 model!!

  5. Superb job. Great finish.

  6. Nice build Richard, the cans look great.
    The camo looks good too.

  7. Decent bit of practise!

  8. Looks good Richard, I like it.

  9. I would have thought you’re more than experienced enough to have success with virtually any kit, no matter what scale! Anyway, certainly not a waste of time, this 1/72 scale offering really looks the part. Living here in China I’ve seen absolutely no evidence of anybody copying western products or designs, honestly! Ha, ha, believe that if you will!

  10. Super job. Great work on the camo and I see what you mean about the pitot tube. I had similar problems with a Hind I built.

  11. Beautiful finished product! Love the weathering you’ve achieved. Nice work on the exhausts as well. I’ve used the Begemot decals (on my Mig-31) and enjoyed them so much I bought a couple more sets of their stencils, though I don’t think for this subject. I will now, as I have one of these in the stash (though I think it’s revell).

  12. I especially appreciate colors of the recent Migs.
    Great built !

  13. A very nice “learning curve” my friend Congrats !

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