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Bell X-1, 1/32 Revell

August 13, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 ≡

I bought this kit at a club day just as everyone was packing up ,why ?,because I didn't want to go home empty handed and instantly regretted it ,so anyway it came home with me and sat on the shelf of hasty decisions for a while while I completed another build, every time I looked in its direction the bright box art caught my eye and so it was elevated up the list of kits to be built to top spot.

This is a kit which provides a pleasant interlude between more lengthy complex builds having a small parts count and being a good chunky size it also adds a splash of colour in the collection, the cockpit has a reasonable amount of detail only really requiring to have the wireing added to the back of the control panel as it is clearly visible through the canopy and you will really need to swap the kit pitot's ,all three for fine gauge needles as they are grossly overscale, and the panel lines will need to be removed and rescribed as I did or just left off altogether.

The kit does come with a seated Yeager figure which I omitted but would benefit greatly from a standing figure so the well known publicity shot could be recreated.

If you are considering this kit for your collection be warned you will need plenty of lead for balance .

Its real pity there is not a kit of the vastly superior British aircraft the Miles M.52 which for reasons we won't go into here (a'hem) was never completed even though it was a matter of weeks from test flight, oh what could have been...

Hope you like it ,N

P.S. I added the little details on the tail wings as well.

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  1. Aircraft not being my specialist subject I don't know anything about the history of this, but it certainly makes for a bright model, and those panel lines look very fine.

  2. Thanks George,it probably would have been more accurate if I had removed the raised panel lines and left the aircraft smooth.

  3. Turned out really well, Neil...I still have mine hanging from the ceiling. Nice pilot figure included with this kit, too.

  4. Good work on a "loud" kit mate.
    Well done sir.

  5. Most people have looked at the M.52 design (including her intended pilot, Eric Brown) and said it might have been barely supersonic in a dive.

    The X-1 went supersonic in a CLIMB.

    Sorry, the only time the British aviation industr4y was closer than five years behind throughout the 1950s was in the movie "The Sound Barrier" (and as Chuck Yeager said to Sec AF Stuart Symington at the prmiere of the movie here, in answer to the question "did you reverse your controls to go through the solund barrier?" "No sir. You would crash if you did that."

  6. The X-1, unlike the M.52, was known to be supersonic before it flew since it was designed from the .50 caliber bullet, which was known to go supersonic. British aviation after WW2 was hopelessly behind the times, and only managed to create one major sjupersonic airframe (the EE Lightning) DESPITE the British aviation industry. And you never ever caught up afterwards. Sorry. You're Greece to our Rome.

  7. So, Tom, we did not build a supersonic passenger jet!

  8. beautiful Yeager

  9. Yeager-gleen like

  10. Looks's how mine turned out a few years back.

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