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Tu-134A Amodel 1/72

Hello, dear colleagues!

I want to share my joy with you. Almost 7 months of work on the model ended with the result visible in these photos.

There ere many improvements made to the basic kit.


This includes: salon, cockpit, and the navigation ligts, flashing beacons and landing lights. In the cabin from different sides, are two diodes. One I dyed yellow lacquer, second left in white. I wanted here to create different shades of light. I don’t know if I’m right, but… In the cockpits of the red LEDs and they are lit very dimly. I specifically had them muted. Think about this lighting should be in reality.

At the ends of the wings and in the landing Farah used the SMD diodes. Their size 0,5*0,6 mm. allowed them to mount. Lights – this led to the drop of epoxy is ground off from the front side to the hemisphere. Get something like a real spotlight)).

Flashing beacons on the same technology as the headlamps and the two multivibrators are driven in antiphase. Frequency and duty cycle were selected for the real video of this plane. Here is a video where you can see the flashing lights on this model:

Turn on all the lights micro switch located in the alcove right of the chassis. Battery-12 volt – in the chassis compartment.


Added missing in the set of sensors on the fuselage in the cockpit area. Steketee of statics are made of fishing line with glue on the tips and silver colored.
The engines are impeller Neomega.
The wheels rotate.


The model was base-coated with Tamiya primer, painted with paints from Mr.Color, A. K. Interactive, Tamiya. Catlin. Edging of doors, the inscriptions and other decals – homemade.

To highlight the joint used preshading, and after the painting has allocated thicker handlebars and a little embroidery on the bottom and the engines. The plane wanted to get a more or less clean.

If something forgot to tell you, ask. There are no secrets )))
Well, that’s all, please judge!

26 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses to Tu-134A Amodel 1/72

  1. Looks great – already without the lighting. Congratulation!

  2. A beautiful model, Dmitry.

  3. A superb bit of modelling. Thank you very much for sharing your skills.

  4. Amazing work, like where you placed the battery.

  5. That’s awesome, Dmitry!

  6. Friends, thanks for the feedback!

  7. Awesome model! I love the lights, very clever!

  8. Thank you Dmitry – fabulous work!

  9. Very creative, sir…a true labor of love. That is a beautiful looking model.

  10. Дмитрий, отличная работа!

    С уважением, Влад.

  11. Very nicely done! Those “in the dark” photos look very realistic!

  12. Very impressive work. To my mind, the Tu 134 is one of the most elegant jet airliners of the early period. I like the lighting system, it really adds that extra touch to the finished model. Well done!

  13. It is a pleasure to read your nice words. Thank you so much!

  14. Just awesome, looks like the real thing!

  15. Wow – even without the lighting, she’s a beautiful aircraft! Excellent.

  16. Airliners are deceptively simple models. Since there isn’t so many external details on them, making the most of the surface detailing and hitting the right colours and the right sheen becomes all the more important.
    You’ve really succeeded in doing that.
    Great job!
    Really cool photography too!

  17. Colleagues, thank you!
    I’m really great attention come to the assembly model. Many study the prototype aircraft. The colors of all but white, mix yourself from few basic.

  18. I must agree with the above, very nicely done, love the night shots!

  19. Outstanding work. It’s delightful to view .

  20. This was fun to watch! Great job!

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