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1/48 Eduard Fw 190A-5, Hptm. Egon Mayer, France 1943

September 21, 2016 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.2K

Just finished for a GB project over on BM.
Fw 190A-5 Wnr. 5851, Hptm. Egon Mayer, CO III/JG 2 Richthofen,
France, Spring, 1943.

Kit: Fw 190A-5
Ultracast: seat; Fw 190A wheels (early)
Eduard: Kit supplied PE, Fw 190D set (canopy internal framing)
Paint: Aeromaster Warbirds RLM 74; RLM 75; RLM 76; RLM 02; RLM 04 and various Tamiya, Model Master and others. AK Interactive Ultra Matte Finish.
Airbrush: Grex Tritium TG with 0.3mm needle
Etc: Lead wire of various dimensions, styrene stock and lots of good fortune!

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  1. Kent, Looks really good, I always like a nicely build FW 190.

  2. Beautiful, thank you for complete buiding informations.

  3. very nice indeed !

  4. Beautifully built and finished, the subtle weathering is very effective! (and I know first hand what a struggle it is to get all those panels closed and lined up - you nailed it)

  5. Great job, one episode of "Dogfights" (one of my favorite shows), that was the name of the pilot that raked Robert Johnson's P-47 Razorback with so many rounds that the German ran out off ammunition. Johnson's canopy was damaged so severely that he was unable to bail out and managed to land the thing after the German flew up abreast, waggled his wings in 'salute' and peeled away. Did you have that sortie in mind when you modeled the -190 or was this [exquisite] build merely a coincidence?

  6. Very nice! Nice job with the weathering and finishing. Looks great!

  7. Good work, Kent, thanks for sharing it with us as well as BM!

  8. This is the airplane Mayer was flying when he shot the hell out of Robert Johnson, who made the mistake of diving out of formation to shoot down a Fw-190. Fortunately, Mayer had used up his 20mm and peppered Johnson's P-47C with 7.62mm, finally running out of ammo and saluting Johnson as he peeled off over the Channel to return to France. Johnson landed at Manston, where they discovered that the reason he couldn't bail out is Mayer's last20mm shell had messed up the rear of Johnson's canopy so he couldn't open it. The second-ranking American ace of the ETO almost never got past victory #1.

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